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My best fren, miss p

2011 Resolutions.

✿ Simply and easy, stay happy.



Monday, June 13, 2011


I am 21, going into 22.
and I know I shouldnt be childish to have that kind of thought.
and I know things couldnt go straight anymore.

everyday and everyday I think about us, but I duno, I really duno what to do about it.
I am sure you are.
I do care. but I duno how to show I care.
Jealosy, childish enough, but I cant control.

21 years and 10 months, I am having young adulthood crisis.
I learnt that human relationships are complex, complicated, unfathomable.
I learnt that to be happy is not simple.
I learnt that I am only capable of escaping.

Again, I think time is the healing balm.
Are you happy? I hope you really are. and healthy.

Yes, goodbye.

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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Sen Tsuru

I had a super duper BAD and HORRIBLE experience lunching over at Sen Tsuru, Palm Spring Kota Damansara this afternoon.
Seriously, the service given is what the heck.
It was a Japanese lunch buffet.
and as usual, there is always the non wastage clause where the restaurant will fine you for any wastage.

So here it goes.
We ordered. and this waiter, named Ah Meng, and self proclaimed as the boss of that shop kept on coming and said are you sure you can finish your food? you know there is a fine?, IN A SUPER DUPER NO MANNERS ATTITUDE AND FACIAL EXPRESSION THAT WAS REALLY OFFENDING both of us.
WTF. You think we got no money to pay for it?
And he even keep checking on whether we can finish the food o not!
Is this the kind of service that we deserve as customers??????????????????
Heck, I cant even eat in peace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Plus, some of the food is sucks. how do u expect us to swallow it all????????? WTF again.
and come on, if you are so stingy and ungenerous about the amount of food that you can serve us, THEN STOP CALLING YOURSELF EAT ALL YOU CAN BUFFET!
DO you understand whats buffet anyway?
WE have been to so many types of buffet before, all with that kind of non-wastage clause. and non of the restaurant actually KEEP REMINDING US ALL THAT and charge us for any left over!

and even so, we are your customers who PAID. show your hospitality as a restaurateur professionally la!
YEs, we know what is environmentally friendly. no need your kind reminder.
But your food sucks that it makes me wanna vomit.
and when we complained about the overcooked Soba, that Ah Meng still insisted that, that is the way. Heck, I have eaten so many Sobas' before, I know what is overcooked alright? yes, you are chef, but I am a picky eater as well!!!
and we rather paid for those left over than to swallow it all.
and anyway, we din really leave a lot of food except that Soba that is totally unacceptable.
but at the end he din charge us for the left over Soba, but we were totally felt so offended and insulted. Just charge us if u wan, not that we cant pay. If we are poor, we wont walk in your restaurant uncle.

This is the SEN TSURU JAPANESE RESTAURANT from my own experience. I will never ever visit it again.
This is the worst dining decision ever. For such kind of service rendered.

Yes, goodbye.

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011


hi people! Yoohoo, tis is the first time i blog from my phone!
i m back to muar for attachment at jabatan bantuan guaman cawangan muar.. Home sweet home!
The feeling of attaching at ibu pejabat polis johor bahru selatan and at jbg are totally different. Location problem? Perhaps.

Attachment - boring - a known fact. Nevertheless, it let me see things tat most of the ppl would not have the chance to do so.

Yes, goodbye.

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Secluded island

Ended my third year examination, started my attachment at IPK Johor and they transferred me to Balai Polis Sentral to expose me to some ground investigation work.
I have to throng the jam every early morning and every evening.
and this is the JB city.
with high rate of crime. especially snatch theft. so beware.
By the time I reach home, I am super tired.
My main role as attachie is observer. with a lot of explaination from police officers.
I am glad that most of them are willing to teach and explain.

Have life been better after third year inofficially ends? Slightly. and I doubt any further.
certain worries are still there, certain worries have alleviated and certain worsen.
Hows yours?
I feel that I am slowly closing myself to the reality. due to lack of internet connectivity.
or maybe intentionally.
What about happiness? I duno.

Hows the feeling of living in a secluded island??

Yes, goodbye.

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Thursday, May 5, 2011

you are driving me mad

First, am I that stupid? am I so unconscious to the surrounding?
Am I blind? From wat you think I am blind?
I am not blind, just refuse to receive comments.
Because I just love my face.

I shouldnt tell soooooooo so so many things. Many things are best left untold. Isnt it true?
Yes, it is. I should learn how to keep most of thing to myself so that people won judge me.
and i care how people jugde me.
Because I have strong ego. So what?

Many of them doubt you.
and so, please prove them wrong and prove me right.

Is true when you grow up, nothing become simple.
Because, even if u want to see everything as so so so simple, people around you just dont BLOODY LET YOU DO SO.
They start to comment and tell you so and so and so and so.
Whats wrong of me looking everything, everyone naively?
As long as I am happy.
But now, you made me so unhappy. over small little things.
Make me so doubt of myself, my own judgment, my own feeling.
Because you all judge, sometimes without knowing all the facts.
And so do I. Perhaps I am no different from you.

Return me back my freedom, my rights and my liberty to look thing simple.
Everything ought to be simple.
Can I just follow my feeling?
From certain point, life is sucks to the max because you dun live alone, you live in a society where you need to communicate with other people and let them affect you.
Life sucks.
Stop making my life bad.
I ought to be happy.

Yes, goodbye.

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

1 down, 3 to go.
April is coming to an end, and here comes May and then June. phew, mid of the year again!
How time flies and I gotta end third year soon.
Examination season.
The attachment follows soon after examination, too soon, not enought time for a breather. ;(

Lets talk about power of memory?
Shatters of memory lying here and there - sometimes it would be like shatters of glass that prick you when you accidentally step on it.
Thats y ppl say memories are enemies.
I know it that I care so much that it is so easy to blurt out I dun care. like abc.
Somehow or rather, it affects my mood. dont u realise?
True not?
I m scared of creating memories, losing it, knowing that they lies somewhere in a corner.
What about you?
No, I am not emo.
Just some thoughts.

Yes, goodbye.

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Third year

When I resorted to blog, is either I am really happy or the other way round.

I am stress because I am not stress, or rather not behaving like in the normal way in which I should everytime I faced exams.
Maybe this is the correct way now?
Third year is the critical year for UM law students.
I have a hard time passing it. especially when my procrastinating skills improve tremendously.
I duno if I had tried my best. Tell me the yardstick of trying your best.
I am very worried. like very serious. even over small little thingy. wth.
Thank God, many peoples stand by me.
The family - ever supporting;
The bff - perturbed by many things herself, but still handling me well, I love you;
The bf - not around in the country but yes, supporting enough and accused me of using the wrong way to study. tsk.
The good frens - on the same boat. wakaka.

So, what is the meaning of life?
Found your life meaningless? 2012, I am waiting for you.

Yes, goodbye.

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Because I love you

So please take good care of yourself.
Be strong.
Stand strong.
I will be by your side.
Cry when necessary. but remember to wipe off the tears when you are done crying.

We shall hold hands in hands, walking down the the path of life together till the end.

Yes, goodbye.

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Lazy week

I think I have a less eventful and exciting life now compared to my first two years at UM.
You can see it by the number of blogs I am writing now.
I have enough of fun perhaps, nothing new, nothing fresh that incites me.

I have been waking up before my alarm clock rings. This is irritating.
Friday night, chill out nite - went to G6 with Candy, Siew Siah, Jia Feng, Cedric and Pow.
Went out continuously the whole weekdays nite, decided to take a rest on Saturday. a lazy day though.
Woke up to a hungry tummy on Sat morning and brought Suk Wei and Cindy for lunch at sek. 17. There is this yummy chicken rice there. and mind you, I dun reali fancy chicken rice, but I love the one here. ask me, I will let you know where is it located. haha.

Went to lend Xiao Jun and all my coursemates a support for Piala Dekan on Sat night though.

My idol in action!!

Sunday morning - and finally, breaky with buddies at Lorong Seratus, authentic Penang food cafe at SS2. I duno how Xiao Jun overlooks authentic as Australia. We were laughing so hard. lol.
Poh Yin scalded her fingers and was not able to join us ;(
I had a hard time arranging this breakfast eh, everyone is so busy ;(

Went to a walk with Siew Siah during evening at Taman Jaya park, it was packed with families. Kite flying failed because too many trees.
It rained and we went to dinner.

and so today is Monday! Every public Uni is having their campus election today. I voted, so have you?

Yes, goodbye.

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Chap Goh Mei

T.T pissed off. I wrote a long piece of post for this and all got lost bcos of an error. ARGH.
Alright, briefly.
My Chap Goh Mei night.
Had law faculty reunion dinner.
and then went to Taman Jaya Park to hurl mandarins. The gals threw theirs into the river.
I kept mine anyway. I see no point to throw it. Who gonna pick up anyway? Some despo ah beng. I dun wan. LOL.

Yes, goodbye.

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I have been feeling up and down, or rather weird, recently.
For more than one months.
I duno, is either because I have lost my interest or just plain lazy.
ARGH, life.
I need ppl to talk with, but I am too lazy to speak after a while.

Btw, Happy Chinese New Year ppl!!!!!!!

Yes, goodbye.

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New year, new sem, new chapter hopefully

Hows your first 4 days of 2011?
Everything is fine for me.
I feel much more better this sem compared to last sem which was a total sucks.
More positive and drive.
Anyway, as Nana said, move forward!

Coming back to UM, the very first week is all about assignments and project paper. PHew~
I need some entertainment and fun.
Genting anyone???

Hmm. on another note, I have got a new room mate from China.
She is somehow cute but we hardly talk to each other.
I miss my ex-rummie so much. T.T

Due to my laziness, thats all.
Take care till we meet again.

Yes, goodbye.

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Friday, December 31, 2010

The end of 2010

I think is the time for me to write something here.

How's your 2010?
Be it a great one or a not so great one, a new year is coming.
Have a great life ahead!

Overall, 2010 is not so bad. Cheers!

My new year resolution : maintain shoulder-length-hair. cool? hehe

Happy 2011 in advance!
Love and miss ya!

Yes, goodbye.

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Yehliu Geopark

Yehliu had the weather like Genting Highlands when I was there.
A tourist spot. with many China tourists.
I duno it is their culture or what, they (China ppl) dont lock their toilet doors or even worse, leave it open.
I thought that the cubicle was available. and I pushed the door.
I was so lucky to see one of the China aunties answering her nature call and yeah bare butt.
Ish~ Gross.
More than once. Argh.
Dear aunties, the door and the lock are there for some purpose ok?

There are many types of geological rock formations found at the park.

Many many tourists lo...

Yehliu Geopark ROCKS!! Hoho..
Basically there is nothing that except than rocks and still rocks.

Very windy. We are not supposed to stand very near to the few famous formations and of course, no touching. The park representative was busy whistling and asking tourists not to go too near and prevent touching them. LOL. and.... I was one of them. but but but, I went near to this formation with no harm intention ok, I really did not see the do-not-cross-this-red-line.

The most famous icon of Yehliu, the Queen's Head rock formation. Nv Wang Tou.
It resembles a Queen's Head a lot.
The Queen's head become thinner and thinner as time goes by due to the battering from weather.

The Ocean.

Fried seaweed. Tastes not bad but we did not buy it.
We had our lunch at the food court beside the Geopark.

Fresh Oysters and Prawns for omelette.

I had nothing better to do and stood there and took pictures of the whole cooking process.
First step, frying oysters.

Second, adding eggs.

Third, adding vegetables.

Lastly, adding starch and flour water.

Finally, the ou-ah-jian is done! Fresh and juicy Oysters omellete.
It tasted quite different from Malaysia one.
Taiwanese ou-ah-jian is very starchy and it has got vegetable like in the picture.
We did not eat the starch anyway.
The omelette we had here was much more better than the one we had at Shihlin night market.

One of the must have popular Taiwanese food, stewed pork rice, 滷肉飯.

Dried seafoods sold there.

7-11 is almost everywhere in Taipei.
It is really the convenience shop where you can find it everywhere.

It sells bread. Some cute looking one.

Varieties of convenience food.
How I wish that there are equivalence of those in Malaysia.

Plenty of drinks to choose from.
until I duno which one to buy..

There are burgers too. magazines, junk food, biscuits and even cosmetic ( didn't I tell you that I bought My Beauty Diary masks at 7-11? )

Ice-creams which we were too full to try.

At the end, I chose coffee green tea and Jia Xin chose Barley Tea.
I thought that coffee green tea is cool because I never try it before. and heard before back then.
It isnt exactly coffee but it has the coffee flavour blended with green tea.
Well, Green Tea Coffee is available in supermarket, the real instant coffee.
I tasted before, despite the name Green Tea Coffee, but it lacks of the green tea taste.
Yeah, I had also tried herbal egg sold in the 7-11 but it tasted sucks.

Betel nuts.

Yes, goodbye.

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

飛牛牧場, Flying Cow Ranch

It is situated at Miaoli County. A leisure ranch embraces by mother nature and great weather during my visit there. Well, it is definitely a great place.

Our room for 2. We had a big double bed each. *Rolling rolling*
We stayed for a night there.

Complimentary fresh milk. Milk being milk.

The ranch produces many other dairy products like youghurts, biscuits, sweets and also facial and beauty products. The skincare and beauty products are definitely tempting and cute, but I did not buy any of them. I have enough of those things. haha~

A large green field where you can do anything you like, chasing each other or playing kites.
I love the scenery there. with cooling weather as complement, thumbs up.

I forgot what species are those white furs.

The most memorable experience, milking the cow!! The teat is soft and some how very geli-ish for me. How I scared that I would hurt the cow =.=

How could Flying Cow Ranch without cows?

Milk and cheese pie. The ingredients attracted me but not how it tastes though.

Main course of our dinner, fresh milk steamboat!
Yummy yummy yummy!!!
This hotpot is terrific yo~
Ya, there were other dishes too which are not so important and thus I did not take the photos of them. LOL..

Waiting it to boil. *Drooling*

Fruit of the day. Watermelon with yellow skin. Hmm, is it available in Malaysia?
It tasted like watermelon in green skin anyway.
Xiao Xin bought it on the way to the ranch.

Basically there is nothing much to do during night time except wandering around, shopping for dairy products and enjoy the breeze and cool wind.
The ranch is quite secluded and there is no other place that you can go within walking distance from the ranch except jungles.
The ranch does prepare some easy and fun activities during night time after dinner for lodgers.
The first one being shaking hard,rough and fast a bottle of mixture of fresh milk and duno wat.

I shake, I shake and I shake.
Well, they dont ask you to shake without reason ok.

Ta-da!! here is the product. fresh and hand made butter.
Amazing right? and it is edible. and it tasted good with bread.
Whoever turns the milk into butter first got prize.

The last and second activity, milking.
The picture tells all. Haha.
Very cute I would say.
Everything ended around 9pm (no time difference with Malaysia) and we headed back to our room, watched tv programme.
The last thing that we did every day at Taiwan was to watch tv programme.
Somehow, the tv programme there are generally more interesting than tv programme in Malaysia.
Thats why we never miss them every night. till we fell asleep.
I miss Taiwan a whole lot.

Yes, goodbye.

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