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My best fren, miss p

2011 Resolutions.

✿ Simply and easy, stay happy.



Monday, March 31, 2008

Coffee prince

sweet image of my coffee prince....

Wahahaha... I love coffee prince so muchhhi.. He is so handsome in the drama, for other drama i dunno.. Haha...

Sorry pig, i love this picture too much.. is so pity that i didnt share with others.. haha

oh ya, i went to spore today to become the driver of my aunt.. althought my driving skills still.. u noe i noe..

Yes, goodbye.

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i feel unfair for u

I feel so unfair for u, your bro can go overseas while u..still wondering to stay in local U or private college..i dare not to comment much, bcos, i think i will hurt ur feeling if i do so

I know you are very sad and maybe hurt, I can feel it..I am sorry, I couldnt help u to do anything. They are all so unfair to u.
Fight for ur right, if necessary, ok?
All the best for u. Dun choose the choice that u dun like. never do that although u may seem selfish to them. Give u my support no matter wat choice u have made.

This entry specially for u, cos i dunno wat is the best way to tell u and u wouldnt like to continue this topic more each time.
Dun wori, i finished my essays before i blog.

Yes, goodbye.

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

good day

Seeing people around me having problems, I found out that I am so so xin fu actually.
So, soh jing han, pls stop complaining this and that everytime.

I really hope yyy can solve all her problems, although u appear so cheerful everytime, yet deep down ur heart is not as hapi as ur face.

Today my mood is beautiful..hehe..

weixiong going to ns, take kare..he told me he is not going to bring shampoo to there..

my life is so boring, i dun like..my jb life revolved around children, aunties, grandmother, uncles.
not even someone around my age to hang out with, except my cousin yyy..but we din go out tat often. but i like here cos the time seem to fly so fast..bringing all my unhappiness along..

good nite.

can anyone give me free ticket to nicholas zhang's concert? cindy got it..

Yes, goodbye.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

my mood is super duper bad

youhooo..here u go, my update..

JB - I hate those universities application!! so troublesome..sigh..money money money!!

Thanks to dear for being there to hear my complaints and unhappiness..Sometimes I feel I am selfish cos alwis wan u to hear all my unhappiness yet cannot help to solve ur problems,but anyway i dun think i got any happy stuff to share wif u ..sobbbb.. Thank you

I hate my ex-school clerk. sucks..now only let us amend the wrongly typed leaving cert when i am at JB! now gonna back again to muar to have the cert amend! haiz..waste my time..

I think i m deeply in love with coffee prince. how how how? i like ah pek ..
I put on weight.. oh god..

To weixiong, wish u happy working and hapi everyday!
To my vampire fren, learn to treasure, although i dunno wat happen exactly..haha

Headache, get to go, take care everyone.

I dreamt of u yesterday , y?

Yes, goodbye.

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Friday, March 21, 2008

Friday , 21st

Forget to introduce, didi lim is my best fren, she is cool, my mum said she is cute.. *vomit..

I finished arranging all my documents, yet I haven finish writing my essay, all thanks to didi lim.. u should not transfer the drama to me.... arghhhhhhhhhhh..

I am going back to JB this sunday, going back to work again..

To my dear, work harder next sem.. add oil!!!!!!!! buck up!!!!!! dun be fren wif durian anymore..

PS : Now that u have gone far, in fact long time ago u have been very far from me, just this time, u do not look back again and I do not stand in the same place waiting for u to look back.. wish u happy..

Yes, goodbye.

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

My first ever blog..

Finally I create my own first blog, I heard blogging can earn money, hope someone spot me..

I dun think i need to introduce myself..

Didi lim, see, i noe how to create my blog, hooray!

Well, I think tats for the opening of my blog.. see u another day..

Yes, goodbye.

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