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My best fren, miss p

2011 Resolutions.

✿ Simply and easy, stay happy.



Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Rotten Apple

I ate a rotten apple yesterday!!
Too gross in study..
Lesson : Never eat apple while studying.
Promises are made to be broken.
Busy week..

Wind, wind,.. pls bring all my unhapiness away.

Hey there, wat are you angrying?
For the betrayal?
Or for the lost of something important?

Yes, goodbye.

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Monday, July 28, 2008

Miss piggy

Dun tell me chinese idiom that I dun understand...
Maybe I know what is that, just the problem lies with you.. Hehe..
Ok, there is nothin that can help me, perhaps I am the one choosing not to forget.
Dear, dun bother me with this anymore.
Even myself seems so helpless with this, wat more to say you.
Harsh words thrown to me, cruel reality displayed in front of me,
I still choose not to......
Is my own fault.
Really sorry..

Yesterday picture, embedded tightly into my brain.
Can't get rid of it.
Probably too disappointed that I dun even wan to glance at you.
Is not smelly, because every breath hurt.

** Uni life**
Let me introduce, Shan is my study buddy.. I dunno how the world she found my blog..
Yet, definitely not a good thing.
Change url is a good way to solve this problem.

Sleeping at 1am, waking up very early bcos bcos.. my roomate...
I can't understand cases.. How?? I think Shan quite frustrated to have a 'noe nothin' study partner.
I love my English class so much.
Finally, done my tort tutorial, God bless me tomorrow.
Sometimes, some tutorial mates really make me..............................

What do I expect from law?
Fun? Ah.. not for now.
I envy Melissa.. She can play with animals.
I can play with?????????????

Yes, goodbye.

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

A complete stranger or tat is you?

Not I am scare dear, I feel so heartache that I am speechless.
Why you just cant feel it.
Till now, the degree of the heartache has yet to decrease.

Or are you just pretending?
No, you dun seem to be pretending.
I said i will be fine, but why, is so hard.
I just wan to see how are you.

How long do I need some more?
I need some potion to help me.
Because I cant help myself.

Yes, goodbye.

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Friday, July 25, 2008

Pasar malam

I went to SS2
Pasar malam today with my buddies..
Em..so excited..
But then the food there almost the same.. nothin special..
Got one..
Vietnam pohpiah.. Quite special..
Damn full tonight..
My target to diet here.. smashed and shattered..
Waist getting bigger and bigger..
The amount of junk food in my room.. makes people woww..
Thanks to my parents and aunt..

Yoohoo.. going back on Sat... but then alone.. how sad..
Do pray hard that I didn't lost on my way to Pudu..

Yes, goodbye.

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Thursday, July 24, 2008


The third week, I have learnt the word "complicated" here.
I dun understand, why they wan to make it so complicated.
Luckily, I have a gang of 3 8 frens to complain and to chat too.
Total of 7 gals included me.
From Muar,BP,Melaka,Sabah and KL.

The third week, i feel mentally stress.
Library cool air-con never fail to make me feel sleepy.
Those thick journals never fail to make me wonder my decision. At least for now.

I do feel the life here is so boring most of the time.
I see other people notes and books, not as many as me.
It makes me wanna cry.
I am not an avid reader, so why I am here?
To wonder whether am I suitable to be here?

Nothin arouse my interest, am I too serious?
Well, I miss my F6 years.
I regret.
Why I didn't treasure my holiday to the max.
Just like how i regret why such thing happen on me.

Yes, goodbye.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

What is the love? Where is the love?

simple yet complicated word.

Sometimes, I feel smiling is such a hard thing.

Yes, goodbye.

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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Miss home

Finally, I understand why pig wants to go back every week.
The moment when I reached my college this evening, sudden moment of lonely.
I miss my parents.
I didn't go back to muar, I went back to JB instead.
Due to some "technical error".
A long way to get back hostel.

FInally, I understand your feeling as well.
Although I have been late for 2 years.
Is tat what you feel?
No matter how tired..
At the end, you still tired out.. and left..

Insanity streak..
Probably too miss...
I got a thought..
I dun mind the pain and start afresh..

Yes, goodbye.

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Friday, July 18, 2008

Smile can sail a thousand yatches

He said, smile can melt everything.
it is the super glue for broken heart.
But. it never apply to me.
I closed all the doors.
Now I realised how foolish I am.

It has been a long time.
We didn't meet.
But why..
Sadness still lurks in.

Up till now, I am still so lazy!!!!

Yes, goodbye.

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Heart broken

My heart never fail to jump twice.
I dunno y is so hard to let go and never think back.
Self-deception brings me to today.
I really feel to cry.
But the good thing is, the tears didnt drop down.
My brain and heart are not working together.
Tats y no tear drops.
Isn't tat a good thing?

I know cleary myself, I couldnt pretend like normal.
Yet i force myself to be so.
I dun wan to give myself anymore hopes.
Bcos is not me.
Tat person is not me.
And not me.
Why not me?

Better get back to contract law. and dun waste my 5gb here.
But then again...sigh...
Man, I am really sad.

Yes, goodbye.

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Kinda of sad.

When you give me tat kind of answer,
I feel sad.
Is not me.
Welcome to my world as another post.
Or rather, I dun wish to welcome u ask person of tat position

Yes, goodbye.

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Because of u

I hope tats for me.
But i dun think so.
Bcos.. Bcos.. I dun have a..

Because of u,
jinghansoh.blogspot exists.
Is not a famous blog though.. as someone often said tat nobody ever read my blog.
Tats very good too..
Planning to change my url.
Changing it into a very very personal blog.
80% of half a year.
And I never stop....

Yes, goodbye.

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Update Update

Wowwww.. I abandon my blog for so long dy…
After two weeks and three days at UM, finally found the time and most important the place to buy the wi-fi code..

How is everyone?

Minggu Haluansiswa ( orientation week ) of residential college was physical torturing.
I had a great faculty orientation week. Tat will be my best orientation so far..
The first time I learn to dance. Romantic dance.
Pyjamas nite, good seniors..
Sweet buddy ( buddies )..
Nice coursemates.
Everyone is good here..
One bad senior though…quek fang fang.. wahahahhahaha…
Kidding kidding…
My room mate is a Muarian. Bizad student.

Lectures make me sleepy. Notes and books read me, not I read them.
I understand nothing. Except hubungan etnik and perhaps English class.
I wondered, did I enter into the wrong faculty?
But then again, I have no choice but to continue.

Haven get back home since 29/6.
Mum phones me everyday, makes me hoping to hear her voice everyday.
Bad habit.
First visit to clinic, long waiting time. 1 hour. Is not tat bad after all.
What can I expect from a university clinic?

She said, “ nobody can snatch from me the memories, I can think all I want, of cos without tear drops.” She is the first person who tell me this. I am really grateful. Because most people would tell me tats a wrong thing to do.

Occasionally, I feel lonely. Although I am busy with all sorts of stuff.
Food here is so so only. I prevent taking chicken meat as I can. Eat more vege.
I want to eat fish!!!!!


Yes, goodbye.

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