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My best fren, miss p

2011 Resolutions.

✿ Simply and easy, stay happy.



Monday, August 31, 2009

Brand new chapter

I am officially 20.
Honestly, I am scare of aging.
When I was 15, I hoped that I grow faster. When I am 20, I wish the time will move slower or even better stop.
Having to live for 19 years, I duno what is my goal of life specifically, or every other else shares the same boat as me?
Anyway, I do know my ultimate life goal, in the general sense.

My own proud?
I have a rich family, not in monetary terms, in LOVE. Everyone dotes me and showers me with lots of love. I have a happy family.
I dun have a good lover yet, but I have bunch of super duper great frens be it best fren, good frens, normal frens or acquaintances.
I dun have big eyes, slim body or watsoever and I am not tall&pretty either, yet I am not ugly and not obese. Some said cute ( another word to use when you are not pretty, wahahhaha ).
I dun have a smart brain compare to many ppl in this world, yet I am not stupid or retarded.
Happy 20th!

Thank you note :-
Sincerely thanks to all frens and family who wished me and made my 20th bday a very special and memorable one.

Special thanks to :-
my family members - for giving me a nice and warming birthday home-dinner.

best fren, Diana Lim - for your pressie, ur 'surprise', ur cake, ur presence and most importantly ur willingness to be there for me except for today at the watch shop. Freunde Fur Imer. Muackss..

good frens - for ur wishes, phone calls and everything else; ur wasting time of wrapping my present, ur calls from Scotland&Hong Kong, ur presence on Friday nite, ur heartwarming messages & etc..

7 sisters - the nice bday card n msges in it, the classic line of ' We will always LOVE u and be by ur side, MUAXX..' Haha, I love you all too..

Words aren't enough. I will try my best to be a better person and of course happier!
May all the people around me stay happy and healthy too.

PS1 : I had 3 cakes this year. Chocolate Indulgence is now my official fav cake.
PS2 : to you, I wish that I will see your name in one of my msges sender of next bday.
PS3 : I will update bout my bday celebration, when I am free.

Yes, goodbye.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Just when I am about to start my jogging, bumped into Chi Wei and he said, is drizzling, wan to bring umbrella?
and now it rained cats and dogs.
Errr.. so I just did some exercise in room.
Waiting for my sweat to dry up and bath. Phew..

I received my first birthday pressie from 7 sisters! ( 6 of them of cos, excluding me ).
Oh, how cute is the card. I love it absolutely.

PS : Friday, 8.30pm, Little Cafe.

Yes, goodbye.

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

End of break

I am just a tutorial slave.

Last week of 19.

Yes, goodbye.

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

My intuition is...

just so incorrect I think.
Having hope is better than nothin, agree?

So, I reached JB at 330pm, those big fat rain drops just love me.
just took out my pinky Esprit umbrella for drying under the fan.
and I realised that I forgot to bring my teethbrush. Ha! gonna use fingers.

having 999 is another matter, the implied expectation behind everything is another thing that is pressing me.
My cousin was complaining to me how awful law is (she is taking business law this sem) and she said her friend asked how do those people who take law study law?
I can only smile dryly..........

My topic with James - normal kid or prodigy?
I will cast a vote to normal kid, of course why not, I am in that category what.
Being a normal one is a kind of blessing, I believe this at least.
Yes, being a prodigy, u'll get all the attention and envious glances. but so what? ( trying to give myself some consolation, wahahaha )

Good nite.

Yes, goodbye.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Black and white

Yes, my life is aptly described by these 2 colors.
Black words in white papers.
Something worth to be happy about, luckily is not white words in white papers.

How degrading is my one week break.
Sleep, eat, drama and this vicious cycle continues. is reali vicious.

Anyway, I am going to JB tomorrow.

OMG, Lan Zhen Long is so macho!!!
so tall, so macho, so old ( added by Jia Xin, alright, she's trying to say mature la )

Yes, goodbye.

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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Convacation 2009

A big big congratulations to all my law seniors and those who have just graduated.

Especially to my big big buddy, Mr Gan Chee Wei, although you very like to tease and bom me.
We are so proud of you!
( do I look like small little gal beside him?)
With Adam, the first senior in law fac that I hated very much during the orientation week.
He was soooo hateful and noisy.
But he is actually a nice guy, one of few big seniors that I can happily talk back without hesitating.

everyone was looking at different camera. wth..

wahahhahahahahhaahhaha.. I am so happy with the bouquets that are not mine.

Alright now, the owner is claiming his flowers..

With Xiao Jun.
It was not our convocation, nevertheless, we enjoyed ourselves too. Feeling happy on behalf of those graduated seniors. Anyway, every graduate was so busy with their own families and friends, so I hardly approached them for photo. Plus, I am not very close with most of the grad seniors. I am just so em..

I feel so retarded in this picture. siao kia. yuet mei and Candy.

With Jia Xin, who went around taking photos with her new camera.
After that, we went to lunch together at the Buddhist Stall in conjunction with FESKUM ( Festival Konvokesyen UM ).
Despite all the happiness and laughter, Bei Lin, one of my final year seniors was knocked down by motor while crossing the road. I have no any news bout her yet.
Anyway, hope she will recover soon.

PS : home sweet home, is break now!!!! but no excitement at all. sigh.
I promise not to play escapism anymore after break.
and I miss you. waiting , expecting, hoping.

Yes, goodbye.

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

I am weirdo, am I

I miss his voice, his accent, his laughter & smile, his sometimes hateful over-confident manner, his mini lecture to me and encouragements tat are not so encouraging.

Another case now.
I am not feeling sad, but there is some odd feeling developing.
Or I just dun wan to admit that I am.

Yes, goodbye.

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Last Saturday @ Sunway @ Tropicana Mall

Fang dated me to shop at Sunway Pyramid and to stay overnight at Cindy's house.
But.. I ffk her 50% because I did not accompany her to stay overnight at Cindy's house.
We lunched together at Dragon-I without Cindy, my fried ra-men was absolutely sucks.
Around 3pm Cindy joined us for shopping.
I shopped until I met my buddies and some college friends and I left with them.
Sorry fang..

Chi Wei brought us to Asia Cafe for dinner. My dinner was total sucks too! Vomit-able!
All day long my food selection was sucks and sucks and still sucks.
Layers of dragon fruit. mango and honey dew juices.
After dinner, we went to the newly open GSC @ Tropicana Mall.

Ai Sien's idea of taking photo in such way. Taken during the time when we finished watching The Proposal around 2am. We spent a long time in the lift.
Well, I think there's camera inside the lift, if the guard saw us fooling around like tat, he sure laugh till burst. Haha..

While waiting for the movie which started at 1210am, we..............
fooled around Tropicana Mall.

went to the arcade centre beside cinema. How long since I last played arcade? cant remember.

I played this with Xiao Jun!
Compare the three of us :-
A kid.

Me. Haha, the picture of the day.

Xiao Jun.
Lol, obviously, I am the cutest among the 3!!!! Agree? agree???? don't you dare not to agree??
The Proposal - it was quite nice and funny. but do not ask me whether is worth o not to watch.
Been watching quite a few of movies lately.
I reached hostel around 3am and took a bath at such hour. Eewwww, I dun like to bath so late or should I say early?
PS : Mid-sem break coming soon!

Yes, goodbye.

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Friday, August 7, 2009

A fox being a fox

Evan once said, ' observer play an important role too'.
This group of foxy people do not speak much. They will sit there quietly, observing you, ANALYSING you and your idea before they finally decide to speak something or do something. When I say something, is really 'some' thing only.
If other people so eager to speak, then let them speak. Why want to ask people with fox characteristics who give others a chance to speak to speak.

Well, I went to Community Outreach Programme (COP) lesson just now. This let me wonder, am I a serious person or just that I have high laughing point.

Alright, Jia Xin and I am supposed to prepare a case presentation this noon. Em, well, I asked her to help me to wrap all my bibles first and I will finish up the presentation that she had done before me.

How I love you, Miss Tan Jia Xin!!
Three leng luis helping me to wrap all my bibles in the library! wahahahhaha. Love you all.. Muackss... I have poor book wrapping skill.

National Land Code, Penal Code, Federal Constitution, Law Reform Act.
Federal Constitution is the supreme law of the land, thus is my no. 1 bible! LOL...

Shinning wrappers. Haha.. nice wrap.
After that we went to MacDonald to lunch..
and hiao-ed at Mid Valley for a while before went back to faculty for Moots Lecture at 4pm.
Tomorrow am going to Sunway Pyramid to shop with Fang and Cindy! Happy weekends!

and Good Luck for your tournament. although you won be able to see this post. haha.

Yes, goodbye.

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009


There were two separate outings with different groups of people. Three weeks ago.
Strictly speaking, the first outing was not with buddies.

1st Outing : with third year seniors ( kakis of my third year buddy ) and their second and first year buddies.
We went to a Taiwanese Restaurant at SS2 for dinner.. I love the dessert there, yet many of them dun like it. It was yam coated with mai ya tang ( wat candy is tat in eng i duno ). Before it can be eaten, those yams coated with the candy must be soaked into cold water first to harden the candy. I love tat!

After dinner, we went to Tree House to blow water.. Hehe.. theres a junior who really thought I am first year.. Haha..
With my batch mates. Beside me is Louis. Second row from behind of me, Jackson, Wai Hwa, Kok Weng and Jack.
Kok Weng is the cutest among all of us.

Jack's first year buddy and Jackson. Can you see the happiness in Jackson?
Alright, theres a particular reason I uploaded this pic.

Louis and Wai Hwa. Wat the..
From left, Si Min, Sair Lin, Bee San. My third year seniors.
Too bad, both of my third and first year buddies were not there joining us.
Third year buddy - Xiao Jun ( still competing for table tennis in Spore at that time )
First Year buddy - Poh Yin ( attending college's activity )

2nd Outing : with Buddies Family.
We had dinner at a Chinese Restaurant at SS2 too..
Xiao Jun was not there too, still at Spore.
Very random picture.

The name list of each line. There are altogether 8 buddy lines joining to form a big family.

Second round at Macdonald. 'Interviewing them - juniors'.
I maintained silence. You know why.

Asking juniors to perform. OO. at Macdonald. yeah, theres lot of people watching.
Tats wat happen last year to us too.. Last year we cat walked. Yeah, at MacD as well.

My own line. short hair - Chwee Yen ( my final year buddy ), Poh Yin.
I am seriously not photogenic. Hate it!!

A big family! with some graduates buddies as well. Spotted me?
Pictures from Louis and Bei Lin.
Convacation coming next Friday. so envy them. graduated. When is my turn? hopefully 2012. No, it must be 2012!
PS : I blogged because I am trying to escape from doing Criminal tutorial. Sobzzz. Someone gave me nearly rotten fruit this morning. Hergggggggg....But I really appreciate it.
Alright, off I go back to reality. Perhaps you will see me blogging bout Law Nite that happened half a year ago. Haha..

Yes, goodbye.

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Monday, August 3, 2009

My eyes

Hit my thumb's nail while searching for notes. - an article by Giovanni Sartori.

Alright, now. what happen to my left eye? It has been feeling uncomfy since yesterday till now.
It makes me feel so tired throughout the whole day. Sigh.

Something made me smile deep down from heart out of so many smiles I painted on my face today.
Haha. A msg from a pig who probably carrying H1N1 virus now. Ouch, touch wood!

Gtg. Tutorials waiting for me.
Take care.

Yes, goodbye.

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