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My best fren, miss p

2011 Resolutions.

✿ Simply and easy, stay happy.



Sunday, November 29, 2009

Wats wrong wif me

I am being moody at such hour.
Wandering without destination again.

Sem break - not so good after all.

Yes, goodbye.

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Friday, November 27, 2009

Nobody could understand

the story behind the bitter smile.

I duno wat happened to u.
I duno wat u wan.
Remember, I am not attentive.
I lose my patience fast enuf. I get hot easily.

I hope I am her, to have such a great influence towards u.
I hope I am not her, to hurt you so badly.
Thats why is ME and not HER.

Yes, goodbye.

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Spore Day 2 & 3

The street outside our inn.

Can you spot the difference?

The morning that we were heading to Vivo City.

Waiting for MRT. I am in taking photos from reflection nowadays.


in the MRT

before heading to Sentosa, shopped for junkies. My fav! expensive and salty though..

Breaky time at Superdog. (this name is funny)
Mel beria-ia mahu makan PORK SAUSAGE at SUPERDOG..

Big breakfast. Don't think this is PORK SAUSAGE dear. The sausage is delicious though.

After tat, we headed to Sentosa Station located at Vivo City.

Fooling around while waiting them to buy tickets. $3 per ticket, two ways.

I found out that we hardly take whole group shoot.

SENTOSA here we come!!!!!!!!!! Yoohooooo!!!!!!!!!

My blistered feet.. Lol..

The beauty of nature.

Taken by Wendee. I'm so loving it! haha. so naturally ugly. wakakakakkaka..

I was biting away Lays chips while they were playing around.

Preparing for picnic.

Mel, Wendee and I went to skyride..

Luge ride!

Do you guys notice that Wendee was the only one wearing the safety helmet which is intended for Luge ride during skyride?

Mummy mummy, I am tall enough.

On the shuttle bus from Siloso beach to Impian Lookout.

Movenpick of Switzerland. Ice-cream uncle very unfriendly. :(

After Sentosa, we went back to Vivo City again. and bought a 'surprise' belated bday cake for Mel. Expensive cake if converted to RM.

went to Daiso! everything inside is $2. theres one in IOI Mall, Puchong (RM5). cute Shin Chan biscuit.

met up with Carellyn, our secondary school mate.

Next stop: Little Indian to search for Indian bangles. I will never never step into Little India again. scary man. so many non-local Indian labours with weird glances. even the local Indians are intimidated by them, let alone us.

Bling bling~~~~~~~~~

nice o not? the red color one.

Those jie jie pick the color of the bangles for 1.5 hrs.

Bored me.

After tat we went to Bugis for dinner. Rude Hainanese chicken rice uncle.

End of 2rd day. Tired.

Day 3

Breaky at M.O.S burger.

beef burger (I cut short the name, it was in Japanese)

chicken burger

fountain at Bugis shopping centre. I like to see the fountain. Amazing.
After that we went back to Msia. AGAIN, I met unfriendly bus conductor auntie. :(
Thrice in a trip.
Btw, the new Malaysia custom is really chio lo! I mean the technologies and the buildings.
Take a guess how much I spent in Spore.
Hope to have more such trip with you guys. Thanks people!
At least you all din forget to jio me go. haha. Wendee~~~~~~~~~~~
Thanks Ee Kee again for her hospitality!!!

Yes, goodbye.

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Singapore Day 1 (14/11)

Wendee, Melissa, Lee Ying and I went to Spore! Fetched by LY's brother.

First stop: Bugis. LY and Mel.

Katong laksa. only with spoon bcos it tastes better? nah, I doubt it.


Nasi lemak and otak-otak. Muar's otak-otak is still the best.

Next stop: Chinatown. Searching for our lodging. Finally settled in a backpackers inn. 50sin dollar per nite.

the bustling Chinatown.

me: look! 4 for $10

LY: yeah, lets buy it!

me: sure sure, y dun we walk further, maybe theres 5 for $10 (being greedy)

Alright, it was all my fault that at the end none of us buy any shawl bcos the price hiked to 3 for $10 after we went back again.

met up with Ee Kee! she accompany us for the two days we were there! Thanks babe!

Three of us sat down and had a drink while Mel and Wendee went to buy chopsticks.

Austrian selling sausages in Chinatown. (em,wats hotdog btw?)

Mel, this is PORK SAUSAGE, OK?

Next stop: Clarke Quay.

Went to Sticky ( a candy shop ). I wonder how do people eat such colorful candy. yucksy..

Color colorful chemicals in ur candies. ^.^

Too sweet for me.

Dinner time! famish! Went to Serangoon for dinner. Too hungry, so no picture.
Dinner: Hokkien fried prawn mee ( Love this! but not so nice tat nite ), bbq chicken wings, satay, rojak, popiah, ikan pari-pari. wat else?

After dinner around 9pm, we went to Orchard Road (Xmas' lighting). The last time I went for it I was still so small. Wow, how time flies.

While waiting Wendee to capture pictures..

Buy me Xmas present! Hohohohohohoho.. Santa Claus is coming to town!! Jingle bell jngle bell.....

We were exhausted by the time we reached our inn. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz...........Anyway, it was fun!

PS: check up Facebook for more pictures by Wendee. Sorry, I am having problem with uploading all the photos to FB.

Yes, goodbye.

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