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My best fren, miss p

2011 Resolutions.

✿ Simply and easy, stay happy.



Friday, September 24, 2010


Is the festive season that we eat mooncakes and water caltrops, we play lanterns and to behave childish with justification. ;)

Dunno wat is water caltrop? It is called 菱角 in chinese. I remembered that I had it when I was small and it was nice! Thus I searched for it almost everywhere that I can think of (duh, not so great la) since Tuesday; at the sundry shops, Carrefour and finally I got it at Jusco on Friday (Mid-autumn has passed). I even phoned my mum to help me to buy it at pasar on Wednesday ;) It was damn cheap like RM0.41 for we only bought 11 of it? They warned me that it was not nice, asked me not to buy so many. All you have to do is to boil it and maybe put some salt.

Ling jiao at Jusco. THESE THINGS HAVE SUCKS SMELL!!!!!!!!!!! It tastes like tapioca and the smell really puts me off. I have one and thats all. Jia Feng and Zhan were laughing at me for being so stubborn and insisted to find it. T.T
Laugh all you wan, at least I tried it. Lalalallalalalallalalala..
As for mooncakes, babe Chia Hui bought 2 for me, Green Tea and also Lotus Paste with yolk ;) I'm loving it. Thanks!
Lantern!!! Monday night - lantern playing night with Nana and her coursemates at Tmn Jaya park ;) There is playground too, weeee¬¬¬

Is this the one that you said nicer?

and finally we met each other after knowing each other for so long! Serlin gave me a Camior dark chocolate as meeting gift. ;)

The group photo. After that we proceeded to PTUM opening ceremony and watched a performance before getting off.

Tuesday night - the night when I started to search for water caltrop and I poked John to bring me to search for it. After dinner, we went to Hill Park to shang yue, play lantern, and eat mooncake!! and had fun! One of the lanterns got burn at the butt xP

Wednesday night - Home party and BBQ at Cindy's house, USJ 2. We had so much fun despite my eyes being infected by the lens. ;(
I had a lot of cheese sausages that night. Cindy's mum can really make superb satay! I hardly eat satay as I dun reali like it, but her mum's one is really best la!

BBQ mini yam that tasted great!

Wee San, Fang, me, Cindy and Sherlyn.

when they were watching Chucky =.=

I have a great Mid-autumn this year despite that I am not able to spend it with my own family. Thanks for making me feel like home despite I am at KL, the cold city.
Hows yours?

Yes, goodbye.

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Sunday, September 19, 2010


Early in the morning, I am sitting in the law library listening to songs from my new Mickey mp3, seeing a man clearing bushes outside the library through window, a stack of books in front of me, I'm struggling to write something for my Project Paper.

I duno since when I started to have a thing for watch, but I do love watch. Not so much of its ability to show me the time. Is not that early anyway, is near 10am, but I would consider it early for a Sunday. Oh yeah, I am wearing a green Vincci Accessories watch. that I hardly even look at the time shown, I have my lappy. I like the watch. Thanks dear ;)

Xiao Jun said that I have changed, from a shy person that she first met to a more confident girl. We have not seen each other for one month, she said that I am different from the last time she saw me, changes that she couldn't describe, my hair style maybe.

My mind has clearly stopped at yesterday, trying to catch the meaning of all the things, while trying to smile and look good. From experiences, I know, the truth may not necessary like how it appears to be. Never see from the surface. Never draw a conclusion from the few clues that you have and seen. Have faith, not trust.

Back to my work.
Happy schooling to all dear frens.
I will upload pictures soon. Stay tune.

Yes, goodbye.

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Sunday, September 5, 2010

IN and OUT

This is my current FB status : "It's amazing how people come in and out of your life. They say you can determine who to stay, true, not? Dont think so."

How do you make a people stay if he/she is really determined to leave your life? Hard but yet not impossible (the best consolation ever).

They fleet in your life and then left you wondering why they left. and the best possible consolation you can tell yourself is - "Ok, maybe it was God who sent them into my life to teach me something about life and then after all the teachings done, they are not less than strangers."
This is so ironic man!!!!!!!!!! You were once so good with them, everything was so real, and then after tat, everything become so insignificant. How can it be so???????

They are not meant to stay after all, why bother to seek for explanation??? Human nature to seek for truth. I think that no one should be denied of truth. Who are you to determine whether the truth will do good or bad to the truth seeker? For God's sake, just tell them! I am sure they are capable enough to handle the truth if they have enough courage to search for it.

So, is it true that you can determine who to stay?

Some people just come into your life unexpectedly. When I say life, I mean part of your life. Someone important.
From stranger becomes fren, and from fren becomes good fren. It's .....amazing, or surprising how we become good frens after that. We hardly even talk back then for years.
This if life.
OR rather Fate. :)
Happy Sunday people!

Yes, goodbye.

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