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2011 Resolutions.

✿ Simply and easy, stay happy.



Friday, May 29, 2009

Dreamt of you again

I have changed since then, be it tangible or intangible.
Some attribute to you, but you will never know, because you are a complete
stranger in my life now.
I think of you now and then, but in a different way.
Ah... Reminiscence..

Seriously, I hate my English, is just so damn poor, compare to others.
Such a shame.
Ah! And I always hate English class.

I am going back to KL this Sunday for Undergraduate Development Program (UDP)
organised by Pan Malaysian Pools S/B.
I hate to go back to KL.
At the same time, if there is no UDP, I duno how to spend another one month of long holiday apart than staying at home watching drama and sleep and eat everyday.
Yeap, UDP will be going on for one month.
We will be going to Adeline Rest House, Gopeng, Perak for the first three days
for outdoor experiential training.
Wow, this let me think of Taman Negara trip with my Form 6 mates.
Good luck for me!

Yes, goodbye.

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Jinghan went travelling

to Jb and Singapore....

Went to Red Box at Jusco Tebrau on Tuesday nite and sang for 5 hrs.with cousin and aunty. But half of the time I spent pacifying my running nose... I hate my nose!

Dinner buffet
Drinks. Choco Muesli and duno-wat.

Sucks food. Ok la, not that sucks. But it was not nice.
Bak Chang ( meat dumpling )! Made by me, believe it or not! Yummy yummy.

Leaves to make bak chang.

The small one was made by me.
Me : Ah ma, I wan to learn to make bak chang!
GM : You won wake up so early, by the time you wake up, I already finished everything ( I used to wake up at least 10am now )
Me : Ok, I will set alarm clock. Lol. ( I woke up at 7.30am that Sunday to make bak chang )
GM : You dun waste my ingredients. Go and use sand to practise.
Me : ......... Kiam siap ah ma..
*GM - grandmother.
Anyway, the bak changs' I made were all distorted in shape. Hey, but I am just a novice. Pat my back pat my back.
Expert making bak chang.

Can you spot my effort?
In the noon, I went to Singapore. For wat? Shopping. Happy with my buying. Haha.
PS : I am frustrating about my results. What the heck result. Ha-di-ha.

Yes, goodbye.

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Body Shop

Is having sales!

Yes, goodbye.

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Friday, May 22, 2009

I am so innocent!

I wan to appeal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Since when I did not appreciate?????????????????????????????

"Karine, you know, that Ignatius, always love to bully me. But he still treat me very nice though."

"Karine, Ignatius always bully me and now he even accused me of something I never do!"

Which one you prefer eh?

Yes, goodbye.

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

I damn love short hair

Needless to say, you know what happen when seeing my heading.

My result is out. except MLS ( Malaysian Legal System ), the scariest one.
Is not a sad one, nor a happy one. But I passed anyway. and the result is within the acceptable range. ho-ho. But still, cant help to feel.. em, not stupid. maybe a little.
Maybe the distinction between a happy one and a sad one is passion.
Pray hard that I pass my MLS.

and why are u ignoring and chopping me?
bcos u miss me so much and I am busy that you cannot chat with me? ha-ha.

PS : Pray hard pray hard.

Yes, goodbye.

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Sunday, May 17, 2009


Muar is kinda boring. They stayed at my house chatting longer than go around Muar.oh ya, and facebooking. I duno where to bring them.
Muar, Muar, Muar..............................
I never think asam fish is nice.
I never think otak-otak is nice.
I never think that bread is nice.
SO how to recommend to them????

WHY the heck virus. Damn it.
Anyway, thats the time to change password. unwillingly. UNWILLINGLY.
Bcos I think my password is nice.

Life of holiday kinda boring.
Drama, drama, drama, drama and still drama.
And sleep.
And sick once. Food poisoning I diagnosed.
Life of holiday at JB is also the same except overdosed with food.
How's yours?

Yes, goodbye.

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Mature v Ah Pek

They are different ok!
I love mature man not ah pek!

Yes, goodbye.

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

I am slacking.

04/05 - 05/05 Genting with sisters @ coursemates.

Genting is always 'the' destination for trip.

The weather there was quite cold when we were there. It was raining when we reached there.

A good run away from the hot hot low laying place, damn hot i mean.

Cheah Ying and me. A coursemate of mine which I quite admired, her characteristics of course. How small is this world? She was Chiou Min's class mate during A-levels.
Genting is still the same. nothin new to play, except next year when I am 21.

We met some other coursemates at Outdoor Theme Park.

My Mocha White Coffee. A cuppa at Old Town at 12am before heading to movie, The Sniper. Edison Chen is still handsome. Hehe.
The usage of disposable plastic tea spoon defeats the concept of 'kopitiam'.
Theme Park Hotel is better than First World anyway - you don't need to Q-up to check in.
PS : Cross reference to my Facebook Album.

Yes, goodbye.

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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Birthday list

In case you all didn't notice, I put up a new thingy beside my blog.
My 20th Birthday list!
Yeah, I know I know, my Bday is like so far away, not really that far I think.
You know, I put up earlier so that when the sales is here, you can, em, probably consider my list. So that you can save! hehe..

and... tell me in advance will you? so that I wont actually receive 6 watches at the end of day? But of cos, I am still very happy with receiving 6 watches. Hehe.

Yes, goodbye.

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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Chick Slit

Recently I am into this. And the whole series in fact. Quite nice to read especially after a one whole month of law books. But I haven actually watch the movie, the Luke Brandon in the movie is not tat handsome as described in the book, so I am not so eager to watch the movie. Hahaaaa..Ah.

My mood is so not tat good. I almost scolded everyone who made me feel slight impatient and pek cek. Ah.
Giant Plentong having 15% sales for Bio Essence products. Bought Tanaka Series product. I stood there for quite a time to think should I or should I not.

In the evening, went to Harris @ Popular at Jusco Tebrau to look up for Shopaholic takes Manhattan. And then, there were these two s***** who came and asked for my phone no, apparently, they were asking for their another friend. NO MANNERS! I think they are Pop workers.

FYI, I am at JB.

Yes, goodbye.

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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bravo to holiday!

Exam is over, first year is also over! Let's save this thought in another post.
I treated myself to Lee Hom's Music Man concert! Lee Hom is rock! Anyway, I am not a fan of him. But still, he is really cool man.

There was so damn many people that night thronged Bukit Jalil's Stadium.

The concert started with Daniel Lee. Ah. Ah. And followed by I-dunno-who-was-tat-gal-who-was-so-robotic-on-the-stage.

Ignore the date, it was supposedly to be 02.05.2009. The whole Music Man concept was brilliant and there was also magic! I love the concert. Especially his guitar and everything except his hair. Lee Hom has grown old. I still prefer the him in Forever Love MV.

Tats the tiny soya bean that I can see from my seat of RM198.

While waiting for driver. Hellish traffic jam after the concert.

03/05 Sunday - Dad's 48th birthday. They came up to fetch my things from hostel. We went to Ajisen Ramen at 1U to celebrate Dad's birthday.

Mum, arent we alike?

We are a happy family! I am so blessed.


Yes, goodbye.

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