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2011 Resolutions.

✿ Simply and easy, stay happy.



Friday, December 31, 2010

The end of 2010

I think is the time for me to write something here.

How's your 2010?
Be it a great one or a not so great one, a new year is coming.
Have a great life ahead!

Overall, 2010 is not so bad. Cheers!

My new year resolution : maintain shoulder-length-hair. cool? hehe

Happy 2011 in advance!
Love and miss ya!

Yes, goodbye.

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Yehliu Geopark

Yehliu had the weather like Genting Highlands when I was there.
A tourist spot. with many China tourists.
I duno it is their culture or what, they (China ppl) dont lock their toilet doors or even worse, leave it open.
I thought that the cubicle was available. and I pushed the door.
I was so lucky to see one of the China aunties answering her nature call and yeah bare butt.
Ish~ Gross.
More than once. Argh.
Dear aunties, the door and the lock are there for some purpose ok?

There are many types of geological rock formations found at the park.

Many many tourists lo...

Yehliu Geopark ROCKS!! Hoho..
Basically there is nothing that except than rocks and still rocks.

Very windy. We are not supposed to stand very near to the few famous formations and of course, no touching. The park representative was busy whistling and asking tourists not to go too near and prevent touching them. LOL. and.... I was one of them. but but but, I went near to this formation with no harm intention ok, I really did not see the do-not-cross-this-red-line.

The most famous icon of Yehliu, the Queen's Head rock formation. Nv Wang Tou.
It resembles a Queen's Head a lot.
The Queen's head become thinner and thinner as time goes by due to the battering from weather.

The Ocean.

Fried seaweed. Tastes not bad but we did not buy it.
We had our lunch at the food court beside the Geopark.

Fresh Oysters and Prawns for omelette.

I had nothing better to do and stood there and took pictures of the whole cooking process.
First step, frying oysters.

Second, adding eggs.

Third, adding vegetables.

Lastly, adding starch and flour water.

Finally, the ou-ah-jian is done! Fresh and juicy Oysters omellete.
It tasted quite different from Malaysia one.
Taiwanese ou-ah-jian is very starchy and it has got vegetable like in the picture.
We did not eat the starch anyway.
The omelette we had here was much more better than the one we had at Shihlin night market.

One of the must have popular Taiwanese food, stewed pork rice, 滷肉飯.

Dried seafoods sold there.

7-11 is almost everywhere in Taipei.
It is really the convenience shop where you can find it everywhere.

It sells bread. Some cute looking one.

Varieties of convenience food.
How I wish that there are equivalence of those in Malaysia.

Plenty of drinks to choose from.
until I duno which one to buy..

There are burgers too. magazines, junk food, biscuits and even cosmetic ( didn't I tell you that I bought My Beauty Diary masks at 7-11? )

Ice-creams which we were too full to try.

At the end, I chose coffee green tea and Jia Xin chose Barley Tea.
I thought that coffee green tea is cool because I never try it before. and heard before back then.
It isnt exactly coffee but it has the coffee flavour blended with green tea.
Well, Green Tea Coffee is available in supermarket, the real instant coffee.
I tasted before, despite the name Green Tea Coffee, but it lacks of the green tea taste.
Yeah, I had also tried herbal egg sold in the 7-11 but it tasted sucks.

Betel nuts.

Yes, goodbye.

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