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My best fren, miss p

2011 Resolutions.

✿ Simply and easy, stay happy.



Saturday, June 27, 2009


Hi, people..
Just too lazy to blog..
Will update soon bout my trip to Melaka power plant and Selangor Turf Club. Having fun.
While working at secretarial department is........

I hate the fact that new semester starting soon.. ARgh!!!!!! I hate it! dun wan to go back. sigh.

PS : My mood is super duper good now since yesterday night. Haha..

Yes, goodbye.

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

San is 21. I am 20

Last Friday we ( Tanjong Scholars) went to TGV Cinemas, Suria KLCC to see how it operates.

Lina ( our 'jie jie' )and the TGV manager ( Melvin's superior )
He and another manager brought us around and explained how movie is screened.
We went to watch Jangan Pandang Belakang Congkak for 15-20 min to try the sound system. ( Huh??? )
Actually they wan to birng us to watch 3D Monsters and Alien but due to time constraint, we cannot go for it. We have to work. Oooo..

Giant Popcorn Popper. We were taught how to pop popcorn.

Caramel popcorn.
Now only I know there's only one type of popcorn at TGV compare to GSC which got varieties of popcorn.

Jia Le making popcorn.
After I knocked off that day, I went back home.

It's durian season! NICE NICE.. yummy yummy.. Eaten a lot anyway.
It's from the orchard behind my house.

Saturday night - went to celebrate Wee San's 21st, along with Fang and Diana. At Zense Cafe again, I remembered last year was at the same cafe too.
The Bday Gal. This picture..em..
Too sad that Melissa they all not in Muar. Haha..

Old yet good friends.
May all your wishes come true dear.

Yes, goodbye.

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Dad, I love you

I never tell you this before. and I dont think I will be able to say it out.

I din go back home this weekend.
I phoned back to wish dad Happy Father's Day.
and he asked why.
And I feel really guilty.

Since I leave home for tertiary education, our relationship become better, we talk more than we used to. And I realise you dote and love me more than I think.

Yes, goodbye.

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Happy 21st Birthday Wee San


May all your wishes come true.
Tats the first time I saw people making wishes in tat way. Nana's good idea.


PS : I try to upload yesterday pictures but too bad the connection is marvellous.

Yes, goodbye.

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Dont blame me

For updating so often.

I am really so damn free lo.

Every nite dunoo wat to do.

why nobody date me?
Tat's the Mocha from choc and coffee maker at office. Love it! Today Ssussi brought me to the meeting room to arrange for directors' meeting and teach me to use the coffee maker.
I am not coffee addict but I enjoy a cuppa.
When I am rich, I will buy a coffee maker. Damn chio and cool. Haha.
PS : going back home this weekend. LOL. Pantsy said " wat! go back again. so good." Lol again cause she is going back to Penang too this week for outstation.

Yes, goodbye.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Fish v Chip

Yoohoo..Went to Measat Global Berhad AGM at Mandarin Oriental Hotel this noon as management staff.
I tell you, the refreshment at the hotel is superb. but, I dun have time for that bcos I need to get back to office to finish my scanning job ( Yes, I am still doing this till today and tomorrow ).
Anyway, my colleague ta pao back to the office when I knocked off. and again I was in hurry because my friends were waiting me to go back together.

So after work, we went to Jaya One to have our dinner. At Station One Cafe - the singer were..em .. you know..

My fish and chip. So so only.

Blacky team! Haha.. three person in black. Soo Hooi, Jia Le and Jing Han.

Soo Hooi, Qiu Hui, Jia Le and Sook Lin. Qiu Hui and Jia Le are my room mates. Soo Hooi stays at University Towel as well but different block and unit.

Five of us go to work and back to PJ together every day. All of us are from different faculty except Jia Le and I.

Without them, I think my one whole month will be a dull one.

Yes, goodbye.

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Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I am attached to the secretariat department.
My day starts at 6.35am everyday and ends before 12am.
Every morning and evening I get into the sardin can.
Guess who I am. I am sardin. HA-HA.
Not funny.

I dun wan to describe how interesting my attachment is. You know it.
I am thinking of how to manipulate the scanner tomorrow and probably Melvin is thinking what movie to watch tomorrow.
Yes, he got into TGV, operation department.
Selling tickets, MAKING POPCORN and watching movie are his job.
Why can't I get into that department????????????
Oh yeah, we are making a trip to TGV Cinemas at KLCC this Friday.

I wan to eat Roti Boy..

Oh, I am so tired. Night.

Yes, goodbye.

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Saturday, June 6, 2009


You dun need to know the reason why.
I am high. Haha..
So.. My UDP started at Level 25, Menara Maxis, KLCC with induction.
There are 15 Tanjong scholars from UM and UKM and 3 Powertek scholars from UNITEN joining this program. ( Powertek is another subsidiary of Tanjong plc ).
I never know that Tanjong plc is actually the sister of Maxis and Astro.

So after induction, we started our journey to Gopeng, Perak on the noon by bus, which took around three hours from KLCC.

On our way to Adeline Rest House, somewhere in the jungle.
Guess how did we go inside the jungle? By small lorry... all of us on the lorry like piglets for sale. Anyone wanna buy?

Our baggages.

That was the first time I travelled in such way. Cool and still cool.
We were all excited. Who don't rite?

My small small room inside a kampung house.
I shared a room with Qiu Huay ( UM,Economic ).
Actually there is no a need for fan, the night at there is cold.
Can you see the pole with two tyres? We played a game with that. We need to take out the two tyres without touching the pole at all and put it back again.

Resting time.

The first dinner we had at there. Normal cuisines.
but, there was something special too.

Bamboo chicken soup!
But I feel that the taste is just normal but the cooking way is special.
At Adeline Rest House, we need to wash our own plates and cups after using it.
After dinner, we did the animal personality test; St Bernard, lion, fox and monkey. And guess what I am? I am a true breed fox with the highest mark. And thus I am famous for my 'foxy characteristics' among them. Quiet, observative, think silently, SELFISH, independent, organised. Am I?
Supper time!!! and sleeping time.
So the next day, Tuesday, we went out to the Gopeng town for our CSI project! Critical something something with the theme 'Insight.......Gopeng'. We worked in group to explore Gopeng. Each group was given a camera.
A Malay food shop with lots of antique.
We moved around to ask the local people about their life's at Gopeng.
Gopeng basically is a town with little entertainment, a good place for retirement.
However, Gopeng is rich with its heritage and historical story.
It was once a hide-out for communists.
Chinese people there speak Cantonese.
the bus company

Can you spot the three yellow people? Tats my group, Green! AT the bus station.

On the noon we headed back to Adeline Rest House.

This game is called trust ..... We were divided into boys and gals.
Then we played the spider web game. You know what is tat?
That evening, we went for white water body rafting! It was so thrilling.
My bum hit the stones. so pain man.
The last day. We spent the whole morning preparing our video. Raja ( UKM,law ) always made funny facial expression that I cant stand to laugh.

With Melissa from the D Jungle People ( an experiential learning consultant company ). She is one of our facilitators.
With Evan, also our facilitator. He is funny and em.. knowledgeable. And coincidentally, he is from Muar too! Muarian go go go!!!!! There were 3 scholars from Muar too.
There were two other facilitators, Ryan and em duno how to spell his name.

on the way back to KL. Two new friends from UKM. It was really tiring.
We reached bout 9pm. Tired and with lots of dirty clothes to wash. *Yawn*
The aftermath of the jungle trip - it left a lot of red spots on my hand. Insects' fault.

Business English class on Thursday and Friday by Dr.Mano.

We were provided morning tea break, lunch, lunch tea break for the two days.

Our lunch on Friday. The starter.
The main course, chicken chop.

Take a guess how much all these cost per person.
It was at a restaurant called Hot Spot inside Menara Maxis.

Ching Ying from UKM, doing pharmacy.

Pantsy from UKM, doing optometry. How small is this world eh. She is Lynn Foo's coursemate. Don't you think she looks like Lynn?
And Lynn happened to know Joshua ( my senior) acamp. Joshua phoned me tat day and told me. Haha..

Jia Le the 3 8 one, my coursemate and temporary room mate.
In a nut shell, this whole week had been a fun one. Meet a lot of new friends.
I got my feet blistered. I wan to be a man next life time!

I asked Melvin ( UM, Medicine ) what is his impression towards me. Cool.
Got one guy said I look like 16 years old gal.
Haven manage to ask other how they think bout me.
PS : Wow, this is the longest post I ever wrote. Yoohoo..

Yes, goodbye.

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