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My best fren, miss p

2011 Resolutions.

✿ Simply and easy, stay happy.



Monday, July 26, 2010

Good Monday Morning

I woke up with a smile today. :)
I am glad you are living a good life now, at least it appears to be.
I remember I was once worried for you about getting use to the new place, but now that you told me you love it, I feel happy for you.

I am all up for the challenge now after a weekend rest!
Hectic week ahead with dinners here and there. oopss.. there are tutorials and project paper too. Hehe..

PS: There is always a special position for you in my heart. Be it busy, tired, happy, unhappy, moody or lonely, you know you are just a call away from me. :)

Yes, goodbye.

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Stop pretending? but there is still a need to.

and so we let go of each other.
If such scenario happens in a drama that I am watching, I will let out a STUPID from my mouth. but it happened in my real life - I am confused.


Many question marks unanswered.
Some with answers that are not sufficient to be answer.
But there is only one anwer to my confused feeling - stop thinking too much and move on.
Yes, I am on my way now. 生活总要正常起来, right?

I should stop escaping from reality when I wake up the next morning.
now you know why I am not sleeping yet?
why oh why it is not a sweet escape.
Reality sucks.

Yes, goodbye.

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

First week as third year student

Oopsss, third year student? Good morning senior?
I want to be freshie (: and I see upcoming stress (;
Strictly speaking, first week is not really honeymoon week, but we self-declared it to be.
And so all the fun!!
I dun understand lecture especially Jurisprudence. and therefore my mind wandered to only- God-knows-where during the lecture.
I still couldnt make up my mind to take which EL subject. Fan to the max. :(
On a happy note, I got my dean list cert :)

senior-junior meet. FYI, Poh Yin found a tall tall buddy for us, and he is from Muar. Welcome to our buddy line!!
Chwee Yen : "Then we cannot behave like crazy girls during outing dy."
We went to Dixon's house to play WII. LMAO during the boxing game with Jia Feng.

First week - we went Nandos at Mid Valley, we went Sunway Pyramid to shop for Candy's pressie (and I bought a pair of jeans too!), we went Gardens to K, we went SS2 to have dinner, we went S17 to lunch.... and so and so and so..
Oh ya, we received exciting news on the first day of the first sem itself, and good frens have already known the story of 'jerk'. LOL
Did I mention about I lost my closet lock key and how roomie and Jia Feng used bricks to break open the lock?
I think is wise for me not to post up the pictures of them breaking it! haha..

I am back to Muar after the talk from Shearn Delamore on Friday.
Driving alone back to home.
Mile crepe from Melaka by dear. Yummy yummy!!!

tea session with dear at Witchery.
Met Lee Ying, Melissa, Sherlyn and San last night for tea session at Little Cafe.
Where are all the people of our ages?

PS: Of course I know rationality, otherwise I have been stalking all days long. haha.
Waiting does not necessarily be an unhappy one. :P

Yes, goodbye.

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Monday, July 5, 2010

Carlsberg ~ Part of The Game

Look, who visited me during work!
Cousin Jayden

and cousin YYY.
My aunt, uncles and cousins visited me too. :)
Cousin Shelby very cute la, she asked me, why I dont want to study law and go to sell beer?

She is part of my game..
Haha.. An interlude picture.
Her head is so round after botak.

The back of my work T. I AM NOT ENGLAND SUPPORTER. so keep your mouth shut about England lost. I work for Carlsberg in conjunction with World Cup at JB.

My partner, Miss Lim Jia Yu @ Miki. She is only 16 mind you, I AM SO OLD LIAO. T.T

and if you mix around with people younger than you lots, you have to behave like one??
Haha.. Sometimes you need to.

On one working day when my leg misbehaved, cramped!!
Miki massaged for me.
She is considerate and sweet, yet sometimes she gets on my nerves.

When we really got nothing better to do, we did this. Monster face!!
Cute ho?? Say cute la!! wakakakkaak..

We always need to fan over what to eat for dinner and therefore she said she will bake bread for me and ta-da!! Home made bread by Miki with egg on one Friday.. Made specially for me eh.. so sweet of her.. Hehe..

The whole event runs throughout the whole World Cup period till the end of this week.
Double sigh, new sem is starting, I am unable to work this weekend, so I found another girl to replace me. T.T I dun wan to go back study la. T.T

Work overall is okie, apart than some frustrations in handling and communicating with Tesco staffs. and the %#@#$%$ floor manager. He is really WTH lo.

On the other hand, my supervisors, John and Zack are good and lovely. and cute sometimes. Zack is of the same age as me!
Hereby I am proud to announce I have JB frens now, apart than my coursemates la. hehe..

Yes, goodbye.

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Saturday, July 3, 2010

My first ever driving experience at KL

One word, tiring. It was not bad la. Except, I got warning not to drive so fast on highway, and heard chiding from behind seat, and ocassionally Stop n' Go instead of Touch n' Go, the story of parking ticket, and... the list goes on.. Wakakakakkaka..
Wei, finally I got such driving picture huh.. hehe..
Still manage to camwhore while driving bcos traffic JAM!! Hate jam to the max.
Went back to UM to discuss my project paper proposal with my supervisor, at the end, I was asked to prepare another amended or new proposal in 1 hr time.
She thought perhaps I can come out with better work under pressure.
and so, she said my new proposal is better than the previous one.
10 days work is nothing to compare with 1 hr work.
and that is why, I missed Pink Day. :(
Chill out time.. Went to Sky Bar, Level 33, Traders Hotel.
See the windows? open air one le. cool to the max.

I suppose the most amazing plus point of Sky Bar is this. Breathtaking view.
We left the bar after one hr to go G6 Club, Gardens. and met Jol Leen, have not seen her for ages.

I also duno why I got that kind of expression lo..
Wed is G6's Ladies Night, and Long Island is nice to drink.
Driver @ I was refrained from drinking too much. :(

Got my campus grip at Sunway Pyramid. Clap hand!!
and I am back again to JB for work.
I love my granny so much :)
Got a phone call from her, asking me to go her house to have phoenix claws for supper after work tonight.
Apparently I complained to her that my mummy did not leave some phoenix claws for me the other day. and that is the reason why I am awake blogging now, digestion going on.
Ok, gtg to sleep, tomorrow gotta fetch granny to pasar together with BB.
Good night people. Muacks~~

Yes, goodbye.

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