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My best fren, miss p

2011 Resolutions.

✿ Simply and easy, stay happy.



Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mood swing ended.

Means I should stop binging.
Now, I am into instant noodles and instant porridge.
I know is unhealthy, but what to do?
These few days I have been binging.. sigh.. fat fat fat!!!
Putting a stop starting today. hehe.. diet diet diet!!!

I am so happy April is coming because I overspent this month! Since when I didn't overspend? Geik geik..

Exam approaching! dun even noe how to start. to many to start with. sigh..

PS : I am going back home this weekend! Anyone wants to go Lee Hom's concert?

Yes, goodbye.

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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Cool v cold

I realised how timid and not courageous I am.
I scare pain. I scare being hurt. I scare being rejected. I scare to be sad. I scare to be down.
Thats why I am being so cool.
But. I found out that, it is a good thing most of the times.

Sigh. Exam approaching. How.

Yes, goodbye.

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

What a yesterday.

March is the month of unwell. Is going to end soon.

Yesterday, I did something embarrassing. I could not justify my own action.
Thanks to everyone who concerned me and msged me. I am fine now!
Of course,with some price. I went shopping just now! Sales! Haha......

When I asked you that question, I wanted to tell you, for me, I think is concern.

Yes, goodbye.

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Is my turn to play

Dun come near me if u cant afford to play the game.
Now is my turn!
I dun care who you are.
You are innocent, you are jerk or you are plain paper or you are sincere.
I am not always that kind.

God, I feel to cry. Save me.

Yes, goodbye.

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Soul-ed out.

Yesterday night we went to Soul-ed Out!!
The ambience there was quite good.
In the car, Jia Xin and Jia Feng were quarreling over stupid thingy. Ah.......they were so noisy.. can't stand them.. so kiddy like. but I still love them though. Haha..
When my mood is bad, I would ask Jia Feng to tell me jokes because her cute face hardly fail to make me smile.

This Jia Feng always like to bully us.

Everything was fine; except this!!!!!!! So many mosquitoes...... We were bitten like hell..
This is not my leg ok. My leg not so pig. Is not my leg once again.
Candy asked for the waiter for a change of table in this way : 'Excuse me, can we have a change of table because is very itchy?' I was like : 'huh? because we were itchy? ah. wat the.., she should say due to mosquitoes.'

After that, we proceed to Little Genting! The night view was splendid! They pointed to me the real Genting. I am quite doubtful about seeing the real Genting from there, but they said is reali true.
I have a nice day yesterday.
Welcome the P back to Subang. Haha..
PS : I plan to put the pizza picture that we had taken at Soul-ed out, but anyway, forget it.
Someone told me that I am food food food food all the time. I just love food. Thats why I am fat.

Yes, goodbye.

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Saturday, March 21, 2009


People hardworkingly doin Contract assignment at such time.
What the heck I am doing?
Eating the newly bought Fitnesse.
At such hour I eat. No need sleep dy I suppose.
I had my dinner at Sushi Zanmai with Xiao Jun and Chwee Yen and still eating now.
I told Iggy I scare that I die tomorrow and no need eat the newly bought Fitnesse.
Such a waste right.
Good luck to you tomorrow!

I went to The Body Shop to buy EDT just now! Is having promotion. Happy happy.
Went to Delicious Cafe after dinner for some dessert. Gosh, such a disappointment.

By the way, I spent the whole day in library doing my Contract assignment. 1030-1630.
Yet.. sigh.
CT told me that Siew Siah said that I am an independent gal.
I never know that.
Diana also said I am.
Maybe I have grown up a little bit.

Tomorrow morning got a date with sisters to have breakfast together. Oh gosh.
I feel so lazy to wake up so early to breakfast.
Yet. I cannot put them aeroplane again and again anymore.
I have been crowned Aeroplane Queen.

Yes, goodbye.

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Duress? Coercion?

Trying to grasp what have I been reading for Contract assignment.
Bit and pieces everywhere.I duno how to gather it. Sigh.
Sometimes I will wonder, Science suits me better rite?

Whenever I asked my frens for dinner, they will look at me and said, 'wow. today u wan to dine ah?' Haha. the frequency that I go down to the cafe to eat can be counted by fingers.

Went to Fang's room and munched her Koko Krunch. Hahaaaaa. I wan to go buy koko Krunch and HOney Stars! I wan to go Mid Valley, anyone?

Yes, goodbye.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pizza hut

Today, it was my turn to present in tort tutorial.
And the stupid pendrive of mine cannot be detected by the computer.
And Islamic test, I dun even noe wat the heck I was writing in that paper.
And last two nights, I cannot sleep well. Wat the hell.

Like pig, feeling so full.
Went to pizza hut at Bangsar for majlis makan malam of law nite organising committees.
And we were so noisy.
We played 'jin ku pang' there. ppl from different states got different way of playing it.
The funniest is Sabah ppl called it 'ku jin pang'.
I was laughing so hard.
Yoohoo.. we had chocolate indulgence for dessert.
Talking about dessert, i pronounced desert as dessert in English class. ss betul.

And suddenly feeling down.
I wan a new phone!!!!!!! still couldn't make up my mind which model to buy.

Yes, goodbye.

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Friday, March 13, 2009

Sausage Mcmuffin and the rain

Woke up at almost 8am this morning to the rain.
Started my journey back home at 0830. I met Xiao Jun downstair and she gave me a lift to LRT station despite she was late for her training. Still raining.
The rain getting heavier when I reached Pasar Seni.
Dropped by Mcdonald to buy breakfast. I am so happy. Hehe.
My feet was totally wet.
The bus was late for half an hour!

Back to home. Eat eat eat eat. Sleep sleep sleep sleep sleep.
woke up and dinner.

Taken the photo and the letter out from my treasure box. No more.

Yes, goodbye.

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Law Nite

Law Nite 2008/09 was not a fail one.
The essence of law nite is not about how good is the PA system.
The spirit is more important than that sound system.
Yes, PA system is important. but was overrated.
No one should be blamed. but yeah, bcos of the word, 'accountability'.
Ok, I think no one will agree with me.
A big clap to Law Nite 08/09 organising committees.

Yes, goodbye.

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Sandal v Slipper

Ok. here am I. blogging. Someone said I am lazy for not blogging.
HEy! I am busy ok. really busy. not lazy. is buzy.

Well, I was down, duno for what reason.
I complaint about my brain to Iggy.
I asked my sisters out for yum cha.
I skyped with Didi.
and I am better.

I have been wearing slipper for one week to fac. Very ugly de lo. No time to buy a better one.
O. Did I mention? my foot was injured last week.
I went to klinik pelajar.
The doctor said wanna give me two injections. One was on the day itself, Friday and another supposedly to be this Tuesday. I told him, I got class on Tuesday, not free for injection.
He said : I just wan to help you, how can you like this.
At the end, he prescribed only one injection for me.
The nurse poked twice during the injection process.
I got my antibiotics, pain killer and kurang bengkak medicine.
I have finished all the medicine except pain killer remains untouch.
Iggy said I am so guai. but actually bcos I dun wan to wear slipper to faculty anymore!
Thanks for the concern. em.. I am so xin fu. haha..

Ok. Movie. I went to two movies last week.
Marley and me ; Valkyrie.
I still dun like movie.
Valkyrie made xiao jun fell asleep.

Lazy to type dy.
Good nite

Yes, goodbye.

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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Look around

Before you have the chance to turn back and take a look,some ppl around you have gone away.
So treasure. But, treasure the right person.
I would ask myself, what can I give to the person who care me?
I am not capable of giving back the same amount of care they gave to me.
But I am trying.

Movie is still boring to me.
I am back home! home sweet home.

Yes, goodbye.

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Monday, March 2, 2009

I wan to go back home

Say me cold, say me arrogant, say me fierce, say me duno smile, I am just who I am.
And just because you all dun understand me. Doesn't mean I am that kind of person.

Law nite had passed. will post it later when I am free-er.
We went to Sunway during Sunday. and I Saturday too! Haha

Waiting LRT...
Went to Sakae Sushi! so damn disappointing, because is not that nice and fresh.
I love the sales at The Face Shop.
PS : I cut my hair. I love short hair.

Yes, goodbye.

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