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My best fren, miss p

2011 Resolutions.

✿ Simply and easy, stay happy.



Friday, June 27, 2008

The Final Countdown

1 day and plus plus plus..
I haven't pack.
Too many things to start with..
Do tell me I am not bringing too many things..
My dad said I need to hire people to help me carry things..

My mum keep remind and remind..
Dun keep play at there, must study study and study..
Dun keep go out hiao..
How did she know I wan to do so???????
Even grandmother also keep reminding, must eat eat eat..
Grandmother asked me to come back every week..
Why? She said the food there very expensive.
She forget bout the transportation fees altogether...

My parents are complaining, why UM forbid first year and second year students to drive car..
To start with, I dun even have a car, why they bother to complain?
Is tat a hint that they wan to buy me a car? Hehe...
Stop dreaming my dear..

The last gathering of 6AS..I missed it..
Anyway, wish every of my friends good luck..
I miss you all..
Do take care..

Yes, goodbye.

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

I am a bad joker

I am really feeling burn..
Stupid picture..
Stupiak 12k..
Stupider unreasonable..

Perhaps is good..
Is the time, is the time, is the time..
I am unwilling..
to let go...
Hugging empty hopes..
Dreaming everyday..

Yes, goodbye.

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Monday, June 23, 2008

I have a dream

I have a dream last nite.
IT seems so real.
I can feel it.
But I hope is not true.

Wow.. Bank Islam Muar branch is really so fast in working.
That I have to wait more than one hour..
I weighted 43kg. Because I am short.
But then, I think something wrong with the weight thingy.
I am heavier. Definitely.

I decided, since pig has no sense of direction, for the first time, I will go to find pig first.
And teach pig how to get to my place later.
Pig,so first meeting, at Sunway Pyramid..

Rejection, I got many this year.
So I will be fine.
No big deal.

Yes, goodbye.

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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sad mode again

I found no short cut to get out.
Tats y i m sad again.
Useless, useless, useless.
And hence cry, cry , cry.
Whats the point?
Whats the point?
I told myself cannot like this.
I will be better in controlling myself after this.

I wan a nike shoes. but a court shoes more important.
Is tat the court? I duno.

Yes, goodbye.

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I Love Pig

I am touched.
When did you put in those things?
I didnt realise until u sms me.
Why I so blur?
IS TAT THE REASON U KENA SAMAN??????????????????
IS that expensive?

By the way, I am very excited bout the dramas.
I am still transfering now.
Dun think tomorrow gonna do medical check up.

I typed all this in darkness.

Yes, goodbye.

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Saturday, June 21, 2008


I got my uncle to buy me the ptptn pin no from JB for me.
Phew.. Luckily..
Yet, I couldn't access to the web!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And ya, piggy got her offer letter. Wei Xiong got his as well.
Where is mine then??
Everyone got theirs??

Hooray, later gonna shopping..
Burn a hole in my pocket..

Yes, goodbye.

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Friday, June 20, 2008

Is coming.

I received notification to report myself at UM next Sunday..
Wow.. I am the lucky 116.
One week plus plus...
Taking photo, Medical check up, certified my cert, getting new clothes, getting new shoes, buy all necessitties.. and so on.
I have only done 15% of them..
My feeling.. excited..
I wan to buy HIGH HEEL SHOES. buy a higher one. so that I am taller than some pig.
High heel, saviour to shorty. like me.
ERggggggggggggggg, why am I short?

Die... Gonna miss the PTPTN date line..

Yes, goodbye.

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She's waiting. Aren't you stupid?

She is hiding herself.
She can cleary see you.
Yet what about you?
Aren't you stupid?

Yes, goodbye.

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My title as Science Student to be scrapped

Bye bye to Science.
On second thought, will I miss it?
Haha.. I dunno..
No Mathematics anymore right??
Good luck for me!
And to all my friends.
Will Fang bully me?
Hold on, my eyes are not playing me rite?
I didn't see it wrong right?

Yes, goodbye.

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Am I doing the wrong thing?

Will I regret later for my own behaviour?
Wouldn't things be better if you just leave it?
Maybe they will revert back to the original form?
That converstation, told me that is very useless and pointless to do anything.
You are the one solely making all the decisions.
Think as what you think.
Explaining, will make the matter worse.
Why oh why, those things must happened.
I am hurt, are you hurt?
Maybe ya.
Well, maybe hurt is too much to describe all these.
What will happen after this?
Maybe thing will take another turn to a good way.
Yet, you talked like as if everything ended.
I never thought to be so serious.
Let nature takes it course.
I wouldn't wan to make my life even harder.

Yes, goodbye.

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Monday, June 16, 2008

At this moment..

At this moment, honestly, I really feel to cry.
No guitar, yet yes to teardrops.
Is that what I feel 2 years and 3 months ago?
I scare the pain,I scare to add another scar, so avoiding and some self-deception is the best thing to do for the time being.
Unwillingly, I hurt people. I am really sorry.
Waiting for something that is not possible, while letting something good to pass by me.
How stupid I am.
Ah, human human..

My feeling is rather weird.
I stopped reading her blog. Because I scare. I dun like her.
Ah... Hey something that took so long to immemorial, is impossible to rub it off in just a short time, right?
No, somebody can do it quick enough. Like nothin happened.

Pig, like how hard I denied it, is as hard and obvious as how I show it out.
I am stupid, I dunno how to hide.
I am sad.

Yes, goodbye.

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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Walking freakkkk

Didi, I have something to confess..
Sorry to make u accompanied me to go to buy Twiggies that I never eat for the next two mornings despite ur assignment due date.. Really sorry.. If I had known earlier, I won't disturb you..At the end, I really din eat..One maybe in Sam's stomach, as for another one I dunno drop to whose hand.. ( see, no picture.. Sob..)

Melissa " mama ", who accompanied me to walk such a long distance, with all the luggages and bags. Luggages?? Haha.. Who squeezed with me through the morning sardin can LRT. Who waited me for hours during my interviews.
Thank you!!
While they desperately waiting for Melissa and me at Jln Imbi..Sorry, I was very punctual just that, you know..
They couldn't find Pasar Rakyat, instead they found Plaza Rakyat.
Pig, you know,at the end we bought a monorail ticket to Sentral.. Sob..
We managed to bought 4pm ticket to Genting, the Skyway was on maintenance that day.
And again waiting at the Macdonald.
See, they forced me to take this photo.
Piggy, thats what I wore for my interviews. Let your imagination flow for the entire part.

Enjoying Mister Potato. Why they so kedekut? Buy only one packet?
Again and again waiting time!! Waited for almost an hour to check in! Argggg..
Thats not the worst.. After we checked in, Melissa and me found out there was actually an express check in machine! Ahhhhh, waste time only..It was already 7pm, Wednesday when we reached our damn spacious room.
Be a Star Karaoke! They were too excited..

After K, we walked around Genting.
During this picture was took, the guard there really thought that they got stucked inside.
Luckily, I was quite a distance from them.. Wahhahahha..

Old Town..
A cup of hot drink in a very cold night, warm..
But... Someone prefered to ask for cold drink..
Where is me??? Bullied by them to take photo for them..

Theme Park!!!! We spent only RM34 for all park ticket each person.
Cool eh.. Thanks to someone..Hehe..

Very very proud to say, we went to Flying Jumbo..
Even with a wing, we couldn't fly up high. Why??
Flying without wing is so impossible for me and Wee San.

Wowww... Mr Energizer!!!

Ah, the wind so strong..

Never finish with the Energizer..

On the cabel car..
Cabel car, emm. something which is very slow.. was like riding on roller coastal for someone..
Is not Melissa.. Definitely not her..

Yes, goodbye.

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Wee San growing older

Came back from celebrating wee san's bday at Zense. 1 and a half hour ago.
Can't believe that this bday gal told me she used to hate me during form 4 and form 5 years.
I am so cute, pretty and adorable. How come got ppl hate me one?
But is ok, now she love me very much.
She is entering into the big 2.

Upon seeing the pictures we took with my camera today, I am so disappointed.
Is not clear.. very no thanks to me who use the wrong setting.
Long time din see Leeying, Eekee and Sherlyn.
We bought a spec frame for the bday gal.

Finally, I get to meet the super duper busy pig.
I never know pig's world has a hectic life.
Pig refused to take picture with me. Sobbbbbbbb.
Actually, I helped you nothing, there is no a need to say thank you.
Do you love the souvenir?
Hope you like it, couldnt find a pig chain.

I hope that was the last time that ques pop out.
I wonder what happen after I left.

Yes, goodbye.

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Saturday, June 14, 2008

I am slow..

The first thing I noticed was this shop, looks familiar to you?

Guess who is this?

Doesnt look like Anita Mui right?

The egg tart there is so yummylicious...
No at all, the taste same like the egg tart here.
But the milk tart really taste yummy..
Some famous food at Ladies Street.
The so called " shark fin".
Ah.. it taste sooooooo....

The smelly beancurd!!!! Is really nice and doesn't as smelly as I thought to be.
Worth to try.. I love this.. Haha..

The water works at Disney. It got me wet.
Dun get me wrong, not that kind of "wet"

Hollywood Hotel's bathroom

Tarzan's house..Well, nothin special.

The highway of tomorrow??

The minnie biscuit looks so nice and cute, wonder how it taste like.

Didi and Melissa love this very much and specially requested me not to forget to buy them this as souvenirs..
Cute eh?
Can you belive this is actually drawn by Wu Zun ?
I will show you all a more artistic one later..
This is nothin compare to that artistic one..

Teng teng teng teng...
Very nice and artistic drawing right??
Me at animation academy.. The teacher is a leng zai..

Oopsss, pig, ur fren is here too!! Excited to see ur frens here..

The wanton mee!!!
The nicest food I ever took over there.
Really.. all the food taste almost the same at here except this one..
Cost about RM10 per bowl.
Not my cup of tea..
Things there are quite pricy..
The most important thing I have noticed : HK got lots of leng zai and leng lui..

Yes, goodbye.

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Friday, June 13, 2008

Good luck for me

Back from KL.
Pig, honestly I dun like the hostel..
The toilet made me wanna cry..
And tat kind of feeling.. made me wanna cry even more..
I finally understand your feeling.
But then again, it is better than local U's hostel.

I am so lazy that I didn't unpack my clothes yet..

The local Uni result coming out soon, I am not excited.
I am going to U soon. I scare the thought of hostel.

I think of you even more this past 2 weeks.
I couldn't differentiate, rain drops or tears that day.

Yes, goodbye.

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Sunday, June 8, 2008

From the start..

From the start, I blog or rather crap, with a big wrong reason..Although I know is wrong, I didnt put a full stop.

No, is definitely not something to do with money, I know my own capabilities.

Disappointment starting to take place, or maybe from the very begining..

Sad, sad , and still sad. Recently, everything looks like fresh again. I dunno what hapen.

Something is wrong with me again.

Yes, goodbye.

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Saturday, June 7, 2008


Lazy, lazy..Random 2 pictures.
Just came back from lim teh with melissa they all.
Wen qing, here you go..( also not many )
Uploading very slow..
Another person ask what is 69..

Yes, goodbye.

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Thursday, June 5, 2008

I love Malaysia!

The moment I reached Changi airport, I received the bad news..

emm..stress stress..

Update soon..

Yes, goodbye.

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