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My best fren, miss p

2011 Resolutions.

✿ Simply and easy, stay happy.



Sunday, May 30, 2010


I am busy busy to blog and a little bit of lazy.. I just got back from the membina karisma camp last Thursday. We are more charismatic, arent we?? keke.. It is my extra curriculum camp.
It was kinda boring but it was filled with laugher.

I have been to Melaka for two continuous days.. Friday and Saturday.

Oh, look, it is Eyes on Msia!! Oopss. oh no no no it isnt. hehe.
I am glad that I have bunch of great frens who are supporting enough. Love you guys~~
Sat Night!!! Clubbing time! with Ee Kee, Melissa, Stanley, ChengKiat. Stan was the driver bcos either he cant drink or he dun wan to drink. Dear Kee and Sa, how come we din take picture de?

They brought us to a street at Bunga Raya ( I think so ) and there is this special stall by longkang. haha..

Nostalgic. Sit on stools.

Mr Beethoven who made us waited for more than 30 min to get his hair cut.
I feel so dwarf-y standing beside him. haha..

Ignored his half shoulder and hand. I love the antiquated lamp.
Not so much of clubbing at Arena. kinda of sien..
but I had a good good night, at least I had chucked all unnecessary things behind.
Today is definitely a great day as well due to the nice weather.
I woke up at 2pm (the latest of all even the drunk one got up earlier than me) despite I drank only very little beer.
Ok, abrupt stop. I duno wat to write anymore.

Yes, goodbye.

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Monday, May 24, 2010

Yes, I gotta take Taiwan out of my resolution

All you need is a bit of compulsion and perhaps a burn in your pocket.
Phew ~ I am so relief that I passed Consti and moot. Thank God.
ok, back to my Taiwan trip.
You know, dramas affect my life a lot. It determines what I wan to study and where I want to go. I am into law partly because I watched too many lawyers themed HK dramas. T.T So nonsensical.
and this time I went to Taiwan because you know la...haha..

Jia Xin and I booked our trip during Matta Fair with Apple Vacations. There were so so soooooooooo many choices for us to pick, see until our eyes went @.@, still duno which one to pick. but at last we settled with this because it offers one free and leisure day. A 6 days 6 nights trip. There was 19 person plus one tour leader..

I've never been to KLIA yo.. It was freaking quiet when we reached, it was 12pm..
waiting for the message, keep on waiting and still waiting, but I still didnt get it. T.T

This is the plane we flight on. China Airlines.

meal on board. Fish with potatoes. I ordered this bcos I wanted to eat potatoes. Lol.. I am a potato freaky.. Fattening.. the fish was not fresh. T.T I din finish it off..

Taoyuan International Airport, currently under construction. KLIA is way better than this airport. We applied for youth travel card at the information counter, but we din use the card at all. haha.. Anyway is free. All you need to do is to fill in a form and flash your passport..

Our main mean of transport throughout the whole trip.

We arrived at the airport around 7pm and straight went to Raohe St. Night Market.
This is the temple besides the entrance of the night market.

The first stall that we saw and which is also highly recommended by others. the black peppered bun.
Many people were Q-ing for it but it didnt cost us a long time of waiting.

450 bucks (Taiwan currency). Hot out of the tandoor oven.

One word - Yummy for the first few bites~~ haha.

I din eat this anyway..

Takoyaki.. Scalded my lipss...T.T 40 bucks.

the aroma lured us here..

60 bucks, Spare Rib Herb soup, their version of Bak Kut Teh. hahaaa.. and you know I din eat lots of meat. So i just had one piece of the spare ribs and the rest was chomp-ed by Xin.
She said she is my rubbish bin..
Why Malaysia dun have this?

the owl. After that we were back to hotel and oi oi. Of cos, watched some Taiwanese TV show first..

Yes, goodbye.

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bad dream

Damn, I had a bad evening nap dream.
On top of that, I am experiencing pain here and that.
I hate period. T.T

Lalalalalal~~ I am currently reading on a nice book. ;)
Anybody wants to date me on next Tuesday at PJ??

Yes, goodbye.

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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Not I dun wan to blog

had badminton session with nana, ah mui and liting this noon. wow.. long time never play badminton at court dy. hahahahhaah.
I am so lazy to drive car nowadays. haha..

I plan to blogathon - but I'm having problem uploading pictures. T.T
Why oh why. T.T
I dislike long break now. T.T

Yes, goodbye.

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

happy holiday

Lo lo.. I am back from South Africa and India..
hahahahahha.. and I am lazy to blog..

Happy holiday people!!
Flying off again!

Yes, goodbye.

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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Recollecting lost memories

Gone are the days when I still have memories of us.
I use to forget everything that I think is not important anymore from my point of view.
Yet now, I am trying very hard to recollect and remember our shared memories. Haiya, I should put into a museum of reminiscence.
Sudden missing of you. ;) is not a bad thing huh.

ok, before I start blogging on my trip to Taiwan, let me jot down something on post-exam.
Yeah, speaking bout exam, 2 results are out. Passed! hooray!! Praying hard for all other subjects.

My last paper was on 06 may, a Thursday, morning paper.
But anyway, no excitement at all after exam. T.T
At the tick of 1130am, 06 May 2010, life as a second year law student ended. Pass or not pass is another matter.
2nd year is a year of much tears, and joys nevertheless.
What is in store for me in third year? May God bless me and all of us.

Thursday - packed my book and had a date with darling.

Friday - a crazy all day outing with Nana, Wee San and Fang.
We watched Ip Mun at TGV Sunway, 3pm.
We shopped for a while before we walked to Sunway Mentari for the long awaited steamboat!

too busy eating, so hardly catch pictures. haha..

11pm something in Sunway Pyramid.

This ducky holds great childhood memory of mine.
I totally loss contact with him, a kindergarten fren.

Late night in the Sunway pyramid.. playing.. em.. I wan to skip, open, side by side?
wakakakakaka. We were actually waiting for 12am to have our singing session at AmpSquare.

This is definitely an outlet that I will never revisit again.
after K session, around 3-4am, we went to mamak stall.
and stay there till 7am, Saturday.
and I went back to hostel and slept for the whole day until evening, so freaking tired man.
Have a fun day with you girls! Muacks!! and I'm sorry for being .... especially to Fang...T.T

Yes, goodbye.

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010


My brother video called me yesterday night. and I show to them (family) I was eating pumpkin seeds. and they showed to me they were eating various of Secret Recipe cakes, my dad's birthday cake. T.T

Found new love! kekekeke..

If you have read or watched P.S I Love You, you would know what is soulmate.
Lover? Boyfriend? Girlfriend? after all, we are all seeking for a soulmate.
but the truth is, how many people on this earth could find a soulmate?
Where is mine?
Bottle neck is - I cant change you, you wont change.
Wat the hahaha.

Yes, goodbye.

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Monday, May 3, 2010

Proximity test

What test do we use to test proximity?


Bloody hell.

PLS! look before you leap.

Now I know why people wan to draw up contracts. frustrations

Yes, goodbye.

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To my super dad


Love you always.

Yes, goodbye.

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