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My best fren, miss p

2011 Resolutions.

✿ Simply and easy, stay happy.



Friday, May 30, 2008


They dunno what is that..
They are shocked that I know what it stand for..
Melissa even asked me, " You went to porn site?"
Wei.. she knows what is BDSM le.. I dunno.
What is vanilla sex?
How about chocolate?

congratulations for melissa cxy..
she is entering goyang kaki life from today 6pm onwards.

Gonna prepare for Sex-In-Aeroplane.
Bon voyage.
Mickey mouse, minnie mouse, goofy, donald duck, ah pooh, ronald duck.
Which one you like?

Yes, goodbye.

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Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I am feeling rather down.
For no reason.
People said my thinking very complex.
I tend to think too far, this is called planning ok?
Yet, what did I actually planned?
Nothin, null, kosong, zero, egg, telur.
I cannot predict future, why did I think so much then?
I dunno.
Oh, maybe I know, money is the root.

cute = ugly but adorable.
Dun use the word cute on me anymore.

"Dou jiang you tiao" - make someone think of me each time she hears this song from JJ.
This song is some sort of cute.
I need to improve my English.

If time can turn back, will you regret the decision you made?
Rhythm of life.
Even if there is time machine, no matter what decisions have been reversed, the outcome will still be the same.
Agony will still be agony.
Happiness will still be happiness.
Pain will still be pain.

My family members asked me,
"Why did you fill in all the choices of course for university application, just put one la"
Funny, damn funny.

Yes, goodbye.

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Monday, May 26, 2008

Can I stop thinking?

I shall cut off all connections.
But I couldn't bear to do so.

You and your selfish thinking.
You and your reasons.
Blood flows.
Left me alone, alone, and alone.

Yes, goodbye.

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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Lazy to bath

While waiting my dinner to digest, I decided to write something here.
Will be very duper busy week ahead. ( Dunno busy with what )
Back to Muar.
Plan to go out find some frens.
Yet. headache, LAZY TO BATH, with the thick freshman guide waiting for me.
Ok ok ok, headache is the main point here.
Btw, why no one intend to create machine to help people bath huh?
I am so lazy!!!!!!!!!

Woo..woo.. my scar.. puts me off from shop for clothes..

I never fail to read the red letter everytime I am back.
It is sweet.
Nevertheless, is pain too.
I shall burn it.
The most important thing had lost.

Off to bath and sleep..
So tired.
Going back to JB tomorrow.
Expecting next week to arrive.

Yes, goodbye.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I also wan goyang kaki

Burn. Sad.
Now i know, getting good results, not a key to ALL courses.
Good results = medic, dentistry , pharmacy, law, engineering.
Wat the hell..
I shouldn't tell my aunt my application result.
After telling her, I decide, I should not tell my uncles, asking their opinions.
Some sort of knowing their responses.
Even frens do have the same respond exclude nwq.
Luckily parents didnt give me such a big respond.
Ah.. But then..
In my family, there is totally no secret.
News spread like fire.

Going UK?
Dream on! Dream.. My dad and I agreed, unless we strike TOTO, which is more than a whopping RM 13 million for the recent draw on 52 one ( according to a TOTO wannabe).
So I decided to try on TOTO this noon.
But then I came out without buying anything.
I got the wrong number combination.
One of my numbers is 80.
Aunty said, " Mui mui, the highest is 52 la ".
Then I walked out.
I should try lucky pick this Saturday.
Saturday right?
God, let me strike, after all I am after-ing my tuition fees.
Unlike someone who wants the prize to stop schooling.
I am not talking you, dun think too much.

Nervous, is there such management?


Is there any job for not so articulate person like me?
Anyone out there wan to change me from a nobody into somebody?
I am so tired of what the hell all the good qualities like have a good command of English , leadership , calm all the time and so on n on.
Tanam sayur, suit me so well.

Yes, goodbye.

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Yes, goodbye.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I lied maybe 10%

My fingers.. pain.. I dunno what happen to them.
Just scalded one of my fingers.. Ahhhhh..

Ah pig, see, hint you to bring laptop back.
Now miss me dy but cannot talk to me..

A greeting.
Made my heart skip a beat.
Lame question with lame answer.

Wondering, have you felt heart ache before after that.

Yes, goodbye.

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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hong Kong

I am going.
Yet. on the second thought, I think I am not going.
Not an auspicious date.
The opportunity just slips away like this........

Tomorrow not working!!!
I have working blue.
no working = no salary.

Quite often throw temper nowadays.
With no good reason.
Hate myself for being like this.

Went to secret recipe to fulfilled my unfulfilled bday wish of last year. * winks *

我们变成了最熟悉的陌生人 .

Yes, goodbye.

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Friday, May 16, 2008

I am just a girl down the street

I sank my teeth into a J.CO donut today. My first J.CO.
Coco Loco.
I really salute those people who queue up to buy JCO donuts.
I guess I am not gift with the patience to do so.

Yesterday, I received an email. From a fren.
NOt really a very close fren.
I asked from him a story five months ago.
Back then, he told me he couldn't think of a story to tell me.
He said next time perhaps.
Five months later, I received his story.
To be frank, I totally forgotten that he still owe me a story, till he msn me just now, asking whether i received his email.
So surprise that he still remember it.

Today is the start of Body Shop sales.
Make a visit to there and buy some stuffs.
Wendee, I didn't use " my bf " membership card.

I never stop anticipating, I know is impossible,
I know is foolish , painful, detrimental...
I can't help.
No, maybe is not foolish..

P.S. Would u pls stop spreading the pig disease? StOp

Yes, goodbye.

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

New Discovery

Today while chatting with Melissa, she told me that Penang's folks drink soya bean with gula melaka.
Wowwwwwww~~~~~~~ Do you all actually know that dear Muarian?????
I replied her : Muar's pasar malam also got la...
Maklumlah, she is da xiao jie.. Where got step into pasar malam..
Emm..well no no no.. I am just kidding..
We went to pasar malam together before at Cameron Highlands back in 2004.
Hey, to the other 3 persons who went to Cameron Highlands that time, you all still got the pictures or not huh??

I tend to write wrongly some details when I filled in application forms.
And so reprint and reprint.
Just to let the selection panel has a good impression.
No liquid, no ugly words.
But then, is causing a huge adverse environment impact.
How huh?

Yes, goodbye.

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Monday, May 12, 2008


Sometimes, things which are as easy as ABC, kindly dun think from A-Z, from north to south.
It won't do you any good.
I know I know, actions speak louder than words.
I couldn't do that either, in what position I ask you to do so?

Yawn~~~ Yawn..
Been busy ( lazy ) so hardly update.
Pls forgive me.

Yes, goodbye.

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Thursday, May 8, 2008

We care and so we...

We care each other and so we try hard not to hurt each other.
Yet, no matter how hard, there will be certain circumstances that we cannot avoid.
Mouth often faster than brain in working.
We know you well, not to say very well. At least for me.
To hurt you is a no no thing. But sometimes is hard to prevent.

Today is Jusco Tebrau member's day..
Walao eh.. as early as 9.30 the cars bumper to bumper crawled outside the Jusco..
Emmm...I am.. emmm..not excluded... I am kiasu too....

Yes, goodbye.

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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Moo Moooooooooo

The upper part view..
The mushroom is so blacky like it was stained with black ink.

Dear, sorryyyyy... I went to moo mooooo yesterday without waiting for you..
Well, you see, the sweet smell irresistable and the shop apparently pulled me in when i passed by, i didnt walk in myself.. really..
Is quite sweet.. and not really....well, i dunno.

wow.. in a blink of eyes, another week has passed..
They told me, is impossible to have a dream that is totally nothing to do with money.
Money is super great..
looks like i got nth to blog about..
I am good at crapping..
i did it so well yesterday. at crapping.
Yesterday i went to singapore.. and learnt a lot of good ( lame) jokes bout Mas Selamat.
Anyone interested? ok, no one..
Then off i go..
Oh ya, did I tell you all?
My wish when I am super duper rich?
Organise a beauty contest for those below 160..
Strictly no 160 and above..

Yes, goodbye.

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